Thursday, November 20, 2014

Join us for our Festive Flea!

Yes... It is time for another Coop event!
Mark your calendars... It's going to be Fun! Wine... Cool new items from Market and from our treasure hunts... oh and did we mention wine? 
Grab a friend or 5 and make it a girls night... We will have give aways and a huge "flea market" finds section with "flea market prices" .

We have 2 of these... Coffee table anyone? Yes!
Who needs this? Buy it as is or have it lacquered in the color of your choice...

Eenie meenie minie mo which one of these should go... (in the back of my car and to my house) ... Or to yours? 

Don't forget to save the date...
We'll see you December 5th! 

Bye, bye birdie, 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Twas the month (or so) before Christmas...

We spent a chilly weekend Bald Head, bundled up for some "forced famliy fun". If I had to guess, the kids had a blast... 
Mama got a wild idea and took away all electronics Saturday morning and told the kids were were having a winter weekend at BHI just like I did when I was little - no phones, no computers and no TV. We would have to get creative and crafty to make our own fun.  

We hit the beach to hunt for driftwood because Mama wanted a tree. We gathered flat wood pieces from weathered fallen fences and drift wood that had washed ashore and carried them back to the house.  Hutson found the mother load which served as the perfect chance for the kids to pick and choose their favorite shapes. The more holes and barnacles, the better!
  Cue: Read's eyes rolling. We collected pieces and sawed the larger ones into pint size pieces with a hand saw (and by "we", I mean Read). 
We found the perfect base to hold our tree. Read drilled a hole in the base and we put in a 36" piece of metal rebar we found at the hardware store. A wood dowell would work too!
Everyone pitched in. Including Teddy. 

 The kids and I drilled holes in the center of each piece to create our Christmas Tree "branches". Tip: Do not leave the kids unattended with the drill.
We added some copper wire lights for a rustic look and some pom pom garland for some beachy decorations. 
The kids layered the tree and could pull out metal pole and start over to get the shape they wanted for their tree! We added copper LED lights and some pom pom garland in the colors of beach glass. 
 Graham added a star made of 90 gauge wire and we covered it in lights.  It is the perfect addition to our little beach cottage. Here's to a festive and beautiful holiday season! 
Bye bye birdie....

Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Finds

It's that time again... TGIF! You know what that means! Friday Finds at The Coop! We are packing The Coop with killer pieces that will be on sale at our upcoming Holiday event -- stay tuned for date/time... of course, you know the place! 
 Imagine this lacquered in the color of your choice -- perfect for a bedroom, entry or even a sideboard! 
 Can you even stand the fretwork on this beauty! I'm thinking black, white or emerald?
 Pair this chrome mid-century game table with some traditional chairs and you have great juxtaposition and a functional spot for dining or puzzles. Looks like a weekend for puzzles...
 Yes, this will be at the sale. Disclaimer, if it doesn't fly The Coop, it will find it's perch in my entry...
I love this leopard hide. Layer it on a sisal or jute for a neutral pattern that would go in any room. Stay tuned for details on the sale because you won't want to miss it!
bye bye birdie...

Monday, November 10, 2014

We have a WINNER!

We have a winner! Thanks to Gypsy*Lew for this fabulous give away! The lucky winner of these onyx dangles is BRIDGETT ROWLEY! 
Bridgett, please email us ( with your address and info and Gypsy*Lew will get these beauties in your hands. 

Don't forget to stop by the Gypsy*Lew trunk show this coming Thursday night and 6:00 pm. Email us for address and details if you want to attend!
In other news, Read and I went took a trip down memory lane this weekend to visit our alma mater, UNC-Chapel Hill. We ate at our favorite restaurants and relived our "glory days".  Sort of. Ok, we were asleep by 10 and worried about the kids the entire time, but still.... 

We stopped by our old house in Southern Village and reminisced about bringing Graham home from the hospital, planting plants in the yard, rocking on the front porch and planning our futures. Time flies...

Happy Monday and bye bye birdie...

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gypsy*Lew and a GIVE AWAY!

About a month ago I ran into my friend Alisa Ward only to learn she had started her own jewelry line THAT WEEK! Of course I had to have one of her leather fringe necklaces and some earrings. Alisa is hosting her first trunk show along with La Senorita Jolie on Thursday, November 13 and Friday, November 14- email Alisa for location and times at and check out her Gypsy*Lew Facebook Page.

Our blog, Birds of a Feather Design just hit over 1,000,000 page views! In honor of that milestone, we are partnering with Gypsy*Lew to offer one lucky winner this gorgeous pair of earrings! 
Like Birds of a Feather Design on Facebook for one entry and Like Gypsy*Lew for another. Share this blog post on your Facebook page for another entry. The winner will be announced next Monday, November 10th. 
Check out some of her amazing pieces...which can be bought at her trunk show. Email her if you see something you like and can't make it or have special requests. 

...leather... boho... yes please! 

Be sure to enter to win and don't miss the trunk show!
You do realize Christmas is right around the corner... (what!?!?) 

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