Saturday, September 25, 2010

Brothers and Sisters

So here we are. All 16 of us. It is day 6 of the family vacay. Picture Griswold's meet Walkers. Because I could totally jump right into Nora Walker's family (and home) from Brother's and Sisters, I prefer to compare us to them. Plus I wouldn't want to pay Clark Griswold's power bill and Cousin Eddie hits a little too close to home.

The Walker's on the other hand, are all gorgeous, own a vineyard and live in a fabulous house in Pasadena. Sure, we have a lot in common. We think we are all great looking, we drink enough wine to support a vineyard but sadly our house looks nothing like theirs.

I wanted to share some pictures from the set of Brother's and Sisters because it is truly one of my favorites. Tons of grasscloth, incredible moldings, hand scraped floors... it feels lived in and "real". At least as real as you can get on an ABC set. Cue the drama. They fight, gossip, spill each others secrets episode by episode, often discover they have a long-lost sibling. All of this down home disfunction has inspired me and reminds me quite a bit of last night (minus the sibling part, there are still just four of us. That we know of...)

Luckily, they always make up in the end around a huge feast and tons of wine. Since this is our last night here, maybe we should give it shot?

P.S. Don't tell my mom, she thinks we all sit around after she goes to bed and sing "Kumbayah".

Bye, bye birdie,

Credit to: ABC, Hooked on Houses
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