Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Do you know Craig?

Do you know him? I mean, do you really know him? If not, you should. We LOVE him, I mean, really love him. If you have not spent countless hours alone with Craig, you SHOULD.

OK, don't tell our husbands, but Craig, the man that keeps us up late at night is the one and only....CRAIGSLIST. What's hotter than a bargain?

The great thing is that you can sell stuff in order to buy new stuff (at least that is how we justify it to our husbands). Sometimes you don't even know you need something until you see it.

Did I hear this gorgeous lucite coffee table say...take me to Twisted Oak Drive?

Yes, I think so.

Bet these people DIDN'T KNOW CRAIG when they designed their pool cabana. But then, they DO have a pool cabana.

Hmmm... This is listed for $95 OBO. OBO stands for "or best offer". In my book, that means: free, plus 5 bucks. It is listed with a "wonderful mustard fabric". Newsflash: "Chartreuse" is the new mustard.

This seller does not realize how quickly drab can go to fab... with some painted white legs...

There's no place like home... there's no place like...

Myrtle Grove Road (please, I didn't even know I needed it)

What a find! Who doesn't love a mid-century chair (or two)?

What a great mix of styles, these chairs would fit right in!

This coffee table is $45.

This may be a house in Santa Barbara, where nothing costs $45.

Antique Credenza: $250. Offer $175, bet you'd get it.

Check out this space by New Hampshire designer, Lisa Teague. Wonder what her piece cost? Does she know Craig?

So, we are inspired and we have $50 saved up. That is a lot of money to take on a date with Craig. We decided to go on the hunt for the perfect blog-worthy piece so after countless hours ignoring our husbands, children, housework and hair for another man (Craig), this little jewel came across the computer screen. And by "jewel", I mean diamond in the rough.

Madmen meets the Brady Bunch meets us.

Had it not been 1:00 am when we met, we would have high-tailed it over to "Flea Body's" to see this piece for ourselves. (Flea Body's AKA Treasure Trove)

$40 later, he has a new home. We don't quite know what to do with him, but we LOVE him. Maybe we are taking this "love" thing a little too far...

To paint or not to paint? What would you do? Stay tuned...

Bye bye birdie...

Credit to: Flea Body's, Lisa Teague, House of Turquoise,Craigslist, Decorpad


pfallis said...

1. What is it?
2. It needs paint!

I will anxiously await the outcome/decision for this "treasure"!

Unknown said...

Pam, it is the small cabinet we found on none other than Craig's List. We will keep you posted!

bluehydrangea said...

Hey girls! Love Flea Body's! And those blue chairs! If you don't buy then let me know! I may want them and i can't find them on Craig's Sissy

Anonymous said...

Hey Sissy- The chairs were in the Fayetville craigslist last week...I think they are in Southern Pines. Cool..huh? Go for them! Good luck....-Ann (I think this came up anonymous- my computer is mad at me for something?!)

Unknown said...

Sissy! Still figuring out this comment thing:)
Here is the link to the cool Eames chairs. Looks like they may still be available. Yes, Southern Pines posted around Aug 21. Get em!

bluehydrangea said...

Thanks Ann and Hooper, knew it was too good to be true for those chairs to be in Wilmington! Still, I am off to the Southern Pines Craigslist to check them out! Thanks!

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