Thursday, September 9, 2010

To paint or not to paint

Remember our Craig's List find? The "oh so fab" side table?

Should we paint it or leave it the way it is? Do you think it needs a facelift or do you like it with it's mid-century finish? It is looking for a new home...

How about in this fabulous nursery painted a high gloss yellow?

Or in this summer space painted white or pink or green lacquer (very Lilly, don't ya think)?

What in one of these spaces...Just the way it is?

Dark gray lacquer in this bright space?

Or as a night stand in glossy white?

What about a lovely shade of... Can you see it?

Just as it is...

Hot, hot pink?

What about this look?

Perfect for a room like this...

We'd love to hear from our readers. Post a comment and let us know your favorite look for the "oh so fab" side table.

Or email pictures of your space where you think the table would look "oh so fab". Send them to:

Though we'd hate to part with it, we would love to find it a good deserving new space to live in.

Bye, bye birdie...

Credit to: Coastal Living, Essie, Decorpad, House of Turquoise, Jonathan Stephens, Decorista


Unknown said...

i say, paint it ~ looks like it would make a great liquor cabinet...or is that b/c i just left a great party?

Unknown said...

It would make a great anything! Thanks for the comment!

Hulls Clan said...

I have to go with the "Lilly" room...being that I have a Lilly of my own:) I'm thinking cute girl room side table...put books that she's reading inside along with her special little box of things her little brother is not supposed to touch...hmmm...I can picture in now:), I am assuming you will update what you end up doing with it!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the comment. I can totally see it in the Lilly room too. We have gotten comments about how NO one would think this table had anything to offer... well just you wait! We will do a post on the transformation, for sure. Ann refers to it as her "buddy" and is working on it so we shall see! Stay tuned!

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