Sunday, September 19, 2010

To scare or not to scare?

Sooo.... usually Hooper and I write this together, or one will write and the other will edit. But the other night I must of been tired when reading through the Friend of a Friend post because something got past me. Hooper totally cracked on my dining room and said if scary portraits were the hot new thing then my D.R. was up on current trends! It all started with this room Em did. (we call her that now) I happen to LOOOOVE the huge guy above the fireplace. Hooper, I guess, was a bit frightened by him. So I took over the blog so I could show you my own scary portraits...What do you think?

So here goes...My Dad. My husband swears if this were full body there would be a meat cleaver in his lap. However, I love this picture...I love the frame...I love the fact that my grandmother used to rotate her children's portraits so they got equal time on the mantel & I love the fact that my Addie resembles him. Meat cleaver or not, I love it.

Ok, so Mom's... I'll admit, is a little scary. But a sweet was painted by a WWII soldier that lived in my great grandparents carriage house after the war. They didn't charge him rent so he painted this portrait of my mom as a thank you. That makes it cool to me. Unfortunately the story is lost on my husband and every time he walks by he says "Come here my pretty so I can eat you!" in a lovely voice... nice.

Here they are together.'s like they eat with us every night, especially since their eyes follow you.

Em pulled it off...why can't I? Anyway we all have something that we think is fab even though the masses might disagree. (not talkin' bout my portraits- I KNOW they are fab!) What about you...Anything hanging around for sentimental reasons only....

Bye Bye Birdie


credit to: Emily Henderson, Mom, Dad


jill said...

hahahhahahhahaahha you and jeff are hilarious

Unknown said...

love the scary portraits and the shout out to frances! thanks!

Shawna said...

Girl LOL LOL LOL!!! Y'all are a trip! I love it! said...

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