Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wallpaper the kids?

So we love wallpaper. Kind of a catch 22 or a oxy-moron (did I spell moron right)??? Coming from a crew that loves to paint wall murals.

At any rate, all of the grass cloth in Nora Walker's home has inspired me and forced me to share my ALL TIME FAVORITE resource. I LOVE Phillip Jeffries. Their wallcoverings are so inspired that they take everyday materials that you would never think of and yes, cover walls!

I am waiting for the day that the PJ designers stop by my house and decide to do their next line out of food that sticks to walls (hot dogs, chicken nugget crumbs etc).

In all seriousness, they use bamboo, granite, silk, embroidery, leather, faux hides and horsehair, lacquers, sea grass and sisals, metallics and yes grass cloth galore. Every color, texture and design imaginable. I ordered some of the "Fine Arrowroot" this morning for a client and quizzed my fabulous rep on the latest and greatest. Needless to say, they will be my first stop at market. Check out some of my favorite rooms that have been graced by the gods of grasscloth and more...

The "Arches" from the Voyage Collection. I would love to put this in a powder room I am working on... Client, are you reading this??

Philip Gorrivan for the 2009 Traditional Home Showhouse.

Ahhh. The "Chain Link" -- comes in an array of colors from aqua, to gray to orange and celery. I would wallpaper my kids in this stuff.

Lacquered Strie. Pretty and sophisticated.

Jackson Square... Imagine it on an entire wall.

I love this room by Elizabeth Dinkel for the 2008 Veranda Showhouse. She used the Extra Fine Arrowroot too.

This another shot from the Traditional Home Showhouse done by color genius, Amanda Nisbet. Check out the metallic ceilings. I used to babysit for her children, way back when. I recall her wall-to-wall leopard carpet. I was inspired even then. Amanda, remember me?

Are you inspired? For am amazing gallery of work, check out the designer installs at Phillip Jeffries. If you want samples, let me know, I'll send 'em to ya!

Bye, bye birdie,

Credit to: Phillip Jeffries, Amanda Nisbet, Philip Gorrivan, Elizabeth Dinkel, Traditional Home, Veranda, Holly Hunt


jodie sperry said...

Love wallpaper if done right!! Nice post. Went up and down several times to look at what the wallpaper brought to each room. The textured ones especially change the entire space.

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