Sunday, October 31, 2010

Scary Trend

You know the design trends...Animal prints, Mid-century modern, geometric patterns, gray is the new brown, green is the new everything. Some of them, we hope will disappear in 2011, others we hope will stick around. This was one trend, I was hoping would NEVER catch on...

My husband, who is clearly biased and is certain I started this trend, stood in the middle of Oleander Drive to take this shot yesterday. Scary on so many levels. 

P.S. My toilet has been returned to it's rightful place. Stay tuned for pics of my completely renovated bathroom. Can't say as much for the home above. Happy Halloween!

Bye bye birdie...

credit to: crazy husband willing to risk life for blog

1 comment:

Erin {House of Turquoise} said...

LOL! My fiancé (that's the first time I've said that!) has a toilet he's just dying to do this with. NO NO NO!

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