Sunday, November 28, 2010

What would I do...

Are you so tired of seeing this furniture... I hope not, because it is AMAZING! Just needs the right family. I have always wanted to do a fun modern space and just have complete freedom to create.... let's just pretend for a moment you gave me that freedom ...what would I do with this furniture?
Here goes....

I would put this dresser and headboard in a guest room in a carriage house for a young couple... In an old carriage house with dormer windows and sloped ceilings and wide, uneven pine wood floors... (are you with me?)

white walls, thick white molding and tons of light...

I would layer the bed with white... texture and lots of pillows....

 Definitely toss in a little zig zag....

Hooper put these in a clients home and I have been loving them ever since.... These would be the bedside tables I would choose...

And I am so sorry to kill the budget with these $600 paper mache artichoke lamps but really... don't you just NEED them?

Because I am mindful of budgets...this would be another great option & $160.  Less sculptural then the other lamp but still pretty cool... In fact I'm starting to like it better... a little cleaner, very pretty shape! If I was Oprah I would give you one! Lamps for all!

Above the bed would hang Target 1974 by Jasper Johns (in honor of my birth year...)  With all that white wouldn't this be perfect?

Of course.... there would have to be some hide underfoot.... Isn't this just the right look for those plank floors? If your guest happens to be a card carrying member of  PETA, you might want to have a backup rug in the closet.... A faux hide perhaps?

Throw a little chair in the corner.....

Put some wooden tops on the dresser (You can never have enough wooden tops!)
and...Voila! You have a rad guest space!

So... if you are that young couple with a guest room in a carraige house with sloped ceilings and pine floors...Give us a buzz and we will mack it out!

May all your design dreams come true...
Bye, bye birdie,

Credit to: West Elm, Shades of Light, BoConcept,, Overstocks, Premier Prints

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Give Thanks

Ahhhh.... Thanksgiving.... One of our favorites (and not just because of the food!)....
Don't you just love....

The beautiful colors...


Fall foliage...


Can I get a shout out for acorn squash....


Pretty tables...


Being old enough to sit with the adults...

In all things give thanks...
We hope you have a wonderful holiday enjoying Friends & Family...

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Schutte Family

The Patterson Family

(Bye ,bye birdie...~A &H)
Credit to: Southern Accents, Country Living

Monday, November 22, 2010

A finely finished project

So after a lot of interest in the bathroom renovation, readers asked to see more projects. 
 Here is a recently completed job that reflects both of our work. The home is wide open and has tons of natural light. We played off of that and added pops of color. 

With 3 boys and one of the way, the client wanted casual spaces that could hold up to... well, 4 boys.  Fabrics are either treated or furniture is slip covered. To add more interest, Ann worked her magic on the walls. You may have seen the powder room before in other posts, but we thought you might enjoy the rest of the house. Check it out and let us know what you think!

The pair of cabinets flanking the entrance were bought for next to nothing at auction and repainted in a French gray with a glaze.

Giant (and very heavy) Ballard mirrors add almost a third window... you should have seen us trying to lift them onto the 8' tall mantle. Not pretty.

Ann painted a mural of cherry blossoms and yes, one little bird. I was going for Hermes' orange on the walls and a smoky blue on the ceiling.

This all came about because the client was afraid to let us "go crazy" in the entry. We compromised on the powder room.  The ceiling is chocolate lacquer.

The story of the mirror is quite funny. The previous home owner doesn't want to sell it to my client or leave it with the house when she moves and my client moves in. Previous homeowner later changes mind and puts it in a local yard sale. A friend of my client buys it for her house and decides it isn't the look she wants, so she calls my client who was in need of a powder room mirror. It coincidentally makes it all the way back home. We added a bright yellow lacquer for a fun face lift. Any mirror that has been through all of that deserves one!

 The "kid's den" has tons of built-ins for stashed toys and bright fabrics for a punch.

Ann added Rugby stripes that will grow with the boys...

The escape for a mother of (soon to be) 4... Hope you like it!

Bye bye birdie,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

British Invasion!

Top 10 reasons it would be cool to be British:

10) Tea every afternoon... with tea comes tea sandwiches, scones, tiny cakes. You can justify it, because it is tea time.
9) You can say things like: We had a "chat" or a "giggle" and get away with it.
8) Shag means something entirely different than it does here in the South.
7) Pounds are NOT something you want to get rid of
6) You can never have enough plaid, in fact, you might have your own family plaid
5) If you have ever been called "homely", it means "pleasant" in the U.K.
4) Hats, hats and more hats
3) "Loo" sounds so much better than "bathroom"
2)  The accent
1) One day, your king would be the oh so handsome William

So... in a congratulatory blog post to Kate (now to be called "Katherine" as requested by Royals) and William, we are posting some of our favorite inspirations from across the pond. 

Dearest Wills and Kate,
We are just delighted that you are going to give it a go. It appears that the entire world fancies Kate. William, you are one lucky bloke. We hope that you will consider us when decorating your flat. We could paint the Union Jack flag on the parlor wall. Obviously, from said blog post, our perception of all things British is spot on! Perhaps we could come over for holiday and help out with the festivities. Ring us up or feel free to send the wedding invitation by post. 


Credit to: Halo Styles, AP Files, Casa Sugar,

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sick and tired, but inspired

I'm home sick. Really. I'm talking cancelled meetings, slept in, made husband pack lunches sick. Husband even drove carpool. Oh yeah, I am getting treated like a real princess. 

Since Ann posted such a cute picture of Addie when she was sick,  I thought I would do the same. This would be fabulous if I didn't feel and look like you know what.

After catching up on Grey's Anatomy, I already feel better from watching sicker, crazier people. I am hunkered down on the sofa with my oh so favorite pastime. Nothing puts a smile on my face like visits to my favorite blogs. These should be everyone's daily dose of inspiration.

Erin at houseofturquoise gives a shot of turquoise (or some hue of it) in every post. It is quickly becoming my favorite color too. I have come to depend on her daily posts. All most passed out this morning when my bathroom showed up on her blog because I am a huge fan. Thanks for the shout out Erin, You rock! This blog is totally me...

With a little Ann thrown in.

Ann turned me onto this one...newdressaday and to have this kind of talent... I wish, I wish, I wish I could sew.
Marisa Lynch writes: 

So long to mall trips and hello to sifting through piles of vintage pieces at flea markets and at neighborhood garage sales. Each day for the entire year, I’m going to introduce a new piece into my existing wardrobe that I’ve found from these places.  On top of this, I’m giving myself a budget of $1 a day.

One person’s trash is becoming my treasure this year.
365 days. 365 items of clothing. 365 dollars. And the blogging begins…

Local Blogger, Sissy from bluehydrangea is a friend and the one who inspired us to start blogging. She is laugh-out-loud funny and has fantastic style. Ann is helping her figure out how to do this design on her laundry room floor.  We both frequent her site and it never disappoints!

Ann is often found on her photographer friend, Jen's site fotojenik, checking out her cool takes on, well... everything. Jen has a knack for turning everyday things  into masterpieces. Love the two "birds of a feather" Jen! Only Jen, with her lens could make two birds on a trash can look beautiful.

 Another favorite, milkandhoneyhome mixes our styles and we love it! Chandelier... me. Metal chairs...Ann.

Julie Holloway and Anisa Darnell have great style and blend ours seamlessly. I could use some Milk and Honey today... Thanks girls!

Bye bye birdie,

Credit to: House of Turquoise, Marisa Lynch: New Dress a Day, LA Magazine, Blue Hydrangea, FotoJenik - Jen Griffin, Milk and Honey

Friday, November 12, 2010

Going to the Chapel...

and they're gonna get maaaaarried!
Yeah, my cute bro Lindley is engaged to his cute girlfriend Liz!

 I went to the chapel 12 years ago. My chapel was actually a warehouse and my reception was in a barn. A way cool barn. Word on the street is my bro and Liz are going to keep things simple. Ahhh...simple...If I did it all over again I'd keep it simple too....

If it was good enough for JFK Jr. & Carolyn it's good enough for me...

 I love these favors... If only I knew a beekeeper... I raised chickens, how hard could bee's be?

sap buckets with trailing flowers, old linen and pewter on a farm table... You had me at Hello...

This is my body double showing you what I would look like in this amazing J. Crew  dress...

Can't you just see me walking through a field (refer to J.crew model for image), my long hair pulled back effortlessly with this handmade flower

 This bouquet brings me great joy...

But not as much joy as having my reception here would bring! This is where John and Carolyn danced the night away... (and it's on the water...bonus!) This is the something Hooper and I would have in common. We would both go bridezilla over this place. Could you just see it at night.. lanterns hanging from the century old oaks, live music drifting across the water... I do, I do, I do...

 I love the simplicity of this cake... though I have to admit I would probably nix the starfish (or if they were white chocolate, eat them before the guest arrived)  I just really like the shape and the sweet base the cake is on...

 Could you imagine this buffet at an outdoor reception...

 I am loving this Lily centerpiece for a pop of color...

But this natural, organic look is definitely my favorite. What a stunning centerpiece...

I am so happy for my sweet bro and excited to see their version of "keeping it simple"...

Congrats again Lindley & Liz...

Have a great weekend

Bye, bye birdie,

~A & H

credit to: Martha Stewart, Country living, Greyfield Inn, Etsy, J.Crew. 
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