Wednesday, November 17, 2010

British Invasion!

Top 10 reasons it would be cool to be British:

10) Tea every afternoon... with tea comes tea sandwiches, scones, tiny cakes. You can justify it, because it is tea time.
9) You can say things like: We had a "chat" or a "giggle" and get away with it.
8) Shag means something entirely different than it does here in the South.
7) Pounds are NOT something you want to get rid of
6) You can never have enough plaid, in fact, you might have your own family plaid
5) If you have ever been called "homely", it means "pleasant" in the U.K.
4) Hats, hats and more hats
3) "Loo" sounds so much better than "bathroom"
2)  The accent
1) One day, your king would be the oh so handsome William

So... in a congratulatory blog post to Kate (now to be called "Katherine" as requested by Royals) and William, we are posting some of our favorite inspirations from across the pond. 

Dearest Wills and Kate,
We are just delighted that you are going to give it a go. It appears that the entire world fancies Kate. William, you are one lucky bloke. We hope that you will consider us when decorating your flat. We could paint the Union Jack flag on the parlor wall. Obviously, from said blog post, our perception of all things British is spot on! Perhaps we could come over for holiday and help out with the festivities. Ring us up or feel free to send the wedding invitation by post. 


Credit to: Halo Styles, AP Files, Casa Sugar,


Unknown said...

Love you. Oh the smiles you bring me. Awesome post :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Hal Griffin said...

Jolly good. Brilliant even.

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