Saturday, December 11, 2010

Art Institute of Chicago

I went to the Art Institute of Chicago and it was amazing...just being able to see these incredible works in person. It's like seeing a very famous celebrity (much admired, which doesn't usually come hand in hand)in real life.  Check out these pictures I took with my oh so handy camera phone (legally). 
"Cow's Skull with Calico Roses" by Georgia O'keeffe, being recreated by an art student. Fascinating to watch.
"American Gothic" by Grant Wood
"Water Lillies" by Claude Monet

  "Ballet Dancers" Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, 
Claude Monet
"Bordigera", Claude Monet
"Poppy Field", Claude Monet

"The Bedroom", by Vincent van Gogh
Self Portrait, Self Portrait
"Madame Roulin Rocking the Cradle", by Van Gogh
"Two Sisters", by Renoir

Now feeling much smarter and very cultured, I am off to explore this wonderful city. Headed to Oak Park to see Frank Lloyd Wright's first home and studio. Stay tuned...

Bye bye birdie...

Credit to: Art Institute of Chicago

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