Friday, December 10, 2010

Chicago: Inspiration is everywhere

Read and I are in Chicago and it is my first visit. He is here for work and I am here for everything but. 
I have spent the last 24 hours completely alone since Read is off in meetings and Gail and Oprah are in Australia. It has been fabulous. Yes, totally alone, except for my new friends at the Art Institute, the very nice fitting room clerks at Urban Outfitters and the oh so chic fellow shoppers on the Magnificent Mile. 
 Woke up early to buy Joffrey Ballet's Nutcracker tickets. Read can hardly wait. The Joffrey Ballet performs in this amazing auditorium and I just couldn't resist these chandeliers with the Edison bulbs. Beautiful huh?
I am loving these 8' tall foo dogs flanking the entrance to the Peninsula Hotel on Michigan Avenue. They are decorated with a bow the size of me and reminded me of my $12.99 purchase from Homegoods, only slightly larger and heavier.
Ok, this might just be my favorite. Read thinks it is very strange that this is my favorite, but I can see beauty in anything. 
That, or I need some type of intervention. Absolut Vodka sponsors some of the bus stops on South Michigan. Aren't they just the most stylish bus stops you have ever seen? I mean, they make me want to take public transportation everywhere and have a vodka tonic while I wait. 

Which do you like best?
I am liking the lemon trees and Eames chairs. How about you?

Tomorrow, I am off to the Art Institute of Chicago. 
Don't tell Ann, she LOVES the Art Institute and will be jealous. 
Bye bye birdie, 

Credit to: The Chicago Auditorium, Absolut Vodka

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ann said...

I am soooo jealous. Chicago is one of my favorite places and I could spend days in the Art Institute and be a happy chic! Hope you are having fun!

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