Monday, December 6, 2010

Dear Santa...

I have been very good this year.  Except for when I yelled at my kids (a couple of times), took a store bought cake to the Fall Festival cake walk and told my husband a tiny white lie about the cost of something I bought at auction. It was a teeny one, really.

All that aside, I really want a crock pot and a dish rack. 

Yes, I know, tall orders, very stylish gifts that every girl dreams of.  But, I am going to step out of reality for a sec and send my fantasy wish list all the way up to the North Pole.  Think of it like Oprah's favorite things, only sanctioned by Birds of a Feather (which is clearly just as popular).  While you're at it, just like Oprah, can you grant all of these wishes to our readers too? Just a friendly elf-like suggestion. 

So, if you decide to forgo the crock pot and dish rack, then perhaps you could place a couple more things under my gargantuan tree?

When all of my Christmas gifts magically appear, perhaps I could store them in this lucite trunk? I know, it is not cheap, but this is my fantasy...

This, I could put just about anywhere and it just makes me happy.  

Every girl dreams of a doll house. You remember...Barbie Dream house, complete with Ken and pool? My seven year old found this one and passed it along. What designer doesn't want to play house in a mini replica of a gorgeous mid-century modern. Think less play house, more "architectural model". See it here!

The thing I love about this house is that all of the people are made out of wood. As I explained to my seven year old, they are, therefore, pretend. Which of course, means that they cannot spill red Kool-Aid on the tiny white Eames style sofa. Isn't it fabulous?

In all seriousness, I use my IPhone for everything. Clients get tired of me showing them fabrics, furniture and finds on my tiny IPhone. Having recently discovered the "Mark On Call" app, I could use this new IPad to show off room designs, layouts, floor plans and more! Right there on the job site. Or look up recipes for my new crock pot. 

Santa, don't you want me to be more efficient? You could use one too! I am sure there is a "Naughty and Nice" app.
If not the IPad, why not the Galaxy Tablet by the Droid people? 
Does anyone know which is better? Pros and Cons?  
I like to call myself a "Mac-head" because it makes me sound artsy and cool."Droid-head" just doesn't have the same affect??

The latest book by style icon, Jonathan Adler is being called "part style bible, part decorating guide, and part self-help book". Let's be honest, I could use a little self-help. I feel better already just looking at the cover! 

Finally, this is a must have. I could wear it in my new bathroom.

It is from Garnet Hill and is a little pricey, but it is 
Eco-friendly cashmere and is described on their site as... 

So stylish you could wear it as a long belted sweater during the day, so exquisitely soft you'll want to snuggle in it all night long. 

Really? I could wake up in it, belt it and off I go? And, I would feel so carefree, I could juggle Christmas ornaments.  

Bye bye birdie, 

Credit to:, Brinca Dada, Mecox, Apple, Jonathan Adler, Garnet Hill, Samsung


Anonymous said...

Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.

Anonymous said...

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