Monday, November 15, 2010

Sick and tired, but inspired

I'm home sick. Really. I'm talking cancelled meetings, slept in, made husband pack lunches sick. Husband even drove carpool. Oh yeah, I am getting treated like a real princess. 

Since Ann posted such a cute picture of Addie when she was sick,  I thought I would do the same. This would be fabulous if I didn't feel and look like you know what.

After catching up on Grey's Anatomy, I already feel better from watching sicker, crazier people. I am hunkered down on the sofa with my oh so favorite pastime. Nothing puts a smile on my face like visits to my favorite blogs. These should be everyone's daily dose of inspiration.

Erin at houseofturquoise gives a shot of turquoise (or some hue of it) in every post. It is quickly becoming my favorite color too. I have come to depend on her daily posts. All most passed out this morning when my bathroom showed up on her blog because I am a huge fan. Thanks for the shout out Erin, You rock! This blog is totally me...

With a little Ann thrown in.

Ann turned me onto this one...newdressaday and to have this kind of talent... I wish, I wish, I wish I could sew.
Marisa Lynch writes: 

So long to mall trips and hello to sifting through piles of vintage pieces at flea markets and at neighborhood garage sales. Each day for the entire year, I’m going to introduce a new piece into my existing wardrobe that I’ve found from these places.  On top of this, I’m giving myself a budget of $1 a day.

One person’s trash is becoming my treasure this year.
365 days. 365 items of clothing. 365 dollars. And the blogging begins…

Local Blogger, Sissy from bluehydrangea is a friend and the one who inspired us to start blogging. She is laugh-out-loud funny and has fantastic style. Ann is helping her figure out how to do this design on her laundry room floor.  We both frequent her site and it never disappoints!

Ann is often found on her photographer friend, Jen's site fotojenik, checking out her cool takes on, well... everything. Jen has a knack for turning everyday things  into masterpieces. Love the two "birds of a feather" Jen! Only Jen, with her lens could make two birds on a trash can look beautiful.

 Another favorite, milkandhoneyhome mixes our styles and we love it! Chandelier... me. Metal chairs...Ann.

Julie Holloway and Anisa Darnell have great style and blend ours seamlessly. I could use some Milk and Honey today... Thanks girls!

Bye bye birdie,

Credit to: House of Turquoise, Marisa Lynch: New Dress a Day, LA Magazine, Blue Hydrangea, FotoJenik - Jen Griffin, Milk and Honey

Friday, November 12, 2010

Going to the Chapel...

and they're gonna get maaaaarried!
Yeah, my cute bro Lindley is engaged to his cute girlfriend Liz!

 I went to the chapel 12 years ago. My chapel was actually a warehouse and my reception was in a barn. A way cool barn. Word on the street is my bro and Liz are going to keep things simple. Ahhh...simple...If I did it all over again I'd keep it simple too....

If it was good enough for JFK Jr. & Carolyn it's good enough for me...

 I love these favors... If only I knew a beekeeper... I raised chickens, how hard could bee's be?

sap buckets with trailing flowers, old linen and pewter on a farm table... You had me at Hello...

This is my body double showing you what I would look like in this amazing J. Crew  dress...

Can't you just see me walking through a field (refer to J.crew model for image), my long hair pulled back effortlessly with this handmade flower

 This bouquet brings me great joy...

But not as much joy as having my reception here would bring! This is where John and Carolyn danced the night away... (and it's on the water...bonus!) This is the something Hooper and I would have in common. We would both go bridezilla over this place. Could you just see it at night.. lanterns hanging from the century old oaks, live music drifting across the water... I do, I do, I do...

 I love the simplicity of this cake... though I have to admit I would probably nix the starfish (or if they were white chocolate, eat them before the guest arrived)  I just really like the shape and the sweet base the cake is on...

 Could you imagine this buffet at an outdoor reception...

 I am loving this Lily centerpiece for a pop of color...

But this natural, organic look is definitely my favorite. What a stunning centerpiece...

I am so happy for my sweet bro and excited to see their version of "keeping it simple"...

Congrats again Lindley & Liz...

Have a great weekend

Bye, bye birdie,

~A & H

credit to: Martha Stewart, Country living, Greyfield Inn, Etsy, J.Crew. 

Monday, November 8, 2010


We are smart. I am a self- proclaimed genius and Hooper's husband calls her his little idiot- savant. (awww) Why am I telling you this?...Because after we lacquered the furniture from Craig's List (Hoop's new vanity, dresser and headboard), I decided to research what we had, only to find that in original condition our furniture was listed on Ebay from $1500 to $1800. a piece. Brief Panic....I called Hooper, bigger panic... Have we altered history?... have we made a mockery of mid century modern furniture? ...Have we used our powers for evil?
 Turns out we bought a brutalist stlye piece that Lane furniture had commisioned an artist to design in the early 1970's.
 Want a cool history lesson? Here is a pic. like one of the pieces we bought...

Brutalist was a style that became popular in architecture after WWII. It started in England and quickly spread our way... comes from 'beton brut' which means 'raw concrete'.  The style began to take over commercial architecture and as all things do filtered into furnishings...

Kind of looks like our dresser...

Totally dig this home for sale in Wilmington... See the mid. century brutalist influence even today?...

So.... What have we done? We knew it was great when we bought it, we just didn't know HOW great.
We took some pretty cool furniture with a dated finish and made it current. Was this a bad thing? For the people that collect Lane mid. century modern furniture in original condition...yes. For the people that appreciate the georgeous lines but yet want a piece that will feel current in thier home today with a beautiful finish?  Something that is considered an antique or retro is always at its hightest value in its original condition. But for us the piece in the best condition was the one we turned into the vanity. And it would not of worked in Hoop's bathroom in that finish. The other finishes had 'muddied' a bit and were not pretty anymore -- discolored in all the wrong places.

Lucky for you it's pretty now and still for sale!

 Want to own a piece of history? Call us, we'll hook you up...

 Bye,bye birdie,

~A & H

credit to: Lane, Orange Co. Government Center, Acumen Real Estate

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Up for Grabs!

We got a lot of great feedback on the vanity that Hooper put in her bathroom. Yes, it was a great Craig's List find. Remember, that it in it's previous life (with nice couple and cat), it also co-habitated with a tall dresser and queen headboard...

Well, we got those too. They are solid wood, made by Lane and redone, revamped and repurposed by your's truly (and Soundside Carpentry). OK, so mainly them. 

At any rate, we are about to put them on Craig's List, but wanted to offer them to our loyal bloggers first. Check them out and let us know if you are interested or would like more pics, see them in person, whatever... We would be glad to help you find the perfect home for these mid-century beauties. They are very solid, in excellent condition and have lacquered in a glossy white.

Oh yeah, did I mention they are in excellent condition?

Queen Headboard: 60" L, 24" high (from supports)
5 Drawer Chest: 38" W, 19" D, 54.5" H

Just in case you need help visualizing them in a space. The headboard and the dresser would look great in any of these rooms... or yours...

This room could use the headboard

David Bromstad, had he seen our fab piece, could have replaced the yellow dresser with our white one.

The dresser would look amazing in this room

 Or this one...

It would also look perfect in a child's room or nursery

Let us know if you have the perfect spot for these fabulous pieces. We would love to find them a home!
Bye bye birdie,

Credit to: Decor pad, David Bromstad

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fab Fall Finds

We came across some ultra cool finds for Fall and wanted to pass them along. As Birds of a Feather, we just couldn't resist these embroidered peacock shades from Anthropologie. These could turn a drab lamp to fab.

Check out these metallic leaf print salad plates from one of our favorites.... West Elm. The set of 4 are only $36. Could be pretty on my Thanksgiving table and would distract diners from the taste of my cooking. Hmmmm.

 Jonathan Adler has these geo throws for $295. A little out of my price range, but a girl can dream. I would dream much better tucked in with one of these. Santa, are you listening?

Another great Thanksgiving dinner distraction. No one would notice that my gravy was lumpy if it was in one of these Jonathan Adler bowls.

 A lot of bang for your buck in this reclaimed wood side table from Anthropologie. Having shopped around for a current  project, $298 isn't bad and it has a solid white marble top.  Perhaps Anthropologie is looking for a "Woman Shops Globe"?? I could put my kids in a back pack... 

CB2 Fu Dog Book ends for $49.95. I love the color, don't you?

Michael Aram Forest Leaf collection. Aren't these vases amazing?

Fall Colors, with a twist. These glossy spheres from CB2 range in price from $4.95-$8.95. I love the peacock blue.
Thomas Paul "Barnwood" printed pillows. Bring the outdoors in...

OK, did anyone know that Urban Outfitters Inc. owns Anthropologie? Check out this $38 tapestry from Urban Outfitters. Frame it, throw it on a sofa or bed... at 108" long, you could even turn it into a window treatment. The patterns are punchy and this forest tapestry has rich cozy colors. I could do an entire room around this. 

Great way to showcase a fun fabric. This Ikat makes a bold statement. 

Happy Fall!
Bye bye birdie,
Credit to: Anthropologie, Keith Johnson, CB2, West Elm, Jonathan Adler, Thomas Paul, Michael Aram

Monday, November 1, 2010

It all started with a leak....

Hey All! It's Ann here... I took over the blog for fear Hooper was going to show you another picture of her toilet or somebody else's. Even if she did start the trend, I tried to tell her to use her powers for good and I'm not sure that's a trend she wants to own. But anyway, her bathroom is done and it is AMAZING! The saddest part is ...It's not MY bathroom. With Craig's List as her best friend and a little vision she was able to create a beautiful retreat on a very tight budget.

Here's where it started....

Remember the world's largest tub.... Note: Hot air balloon was previous home owner's...

The tile floor had to go because of the leak..... ohhhh how I want a leak and a new bathroom!

This is the floor my husband fell through.... just trying to help a friend...

Yes Hooper, you should get rid of your Olympic size tub and replace it with a claw foot (Craig's List!)

This is the piece she dragged me to see at 9 p.m. with our kids in tow. Poor homeowner...poor homeowner's cat...
But we LOVED it! We bought this piece, a dresser and a headboard. Then we  refurbished, refitted, high gloss lacquered it, and stuck  some old barnwood on top and called it... "Hooper's new vanity!"  Kind of farm glam, don't 'cha think?
(Big shout out to my bro's ...Soundside Carpentry...when I said 'we', I meant them!)

Travertine mirrors, Overstock sinks and faucets, faux bois ceramic tile floors, and a killer rugs from market... Fun!

Ok... so if my bro's are reading this... I have big plans for that wood...all over my house! Just wanted to give you a heads up...

And here is the clawfoot tub... the kids can't have swim parties anymore, but I think this one works a lot better for a master retreat. Don't you? Won't miss the hot air balloon chandelier... it was replaced by this Robert Abbey light (18 bulbs to be exact). Another Craig's List find! We saw it at market the week after she bought it. Who doesn't love to save a cool $500. And that right there is why we love Craig!

Top it off with a knock-off forest chair... Looks a lot like it's pricey twin by Janus et Cie. We will never reveal our source for fear everyone will go buy them...Is it not awesome? And perfect in the space...

Oh... beautiful penny tile...It is a creamy white with a  slight grayish tint around the edges and is perfect for marrying the barnwood, the floors, and chrome accents together. And yes, the cool chrome fixture came with the tub!

We went back and forth on what to do in here...stamped grasscloth, geometric design?... but ultimately settled on birch trees. I think it is perfect coming off of the space. Hooper painted the walls white and I came in with a few shades of grey to paint the trees. The ceiling is Benjamin Moore "Gray Cashmere" - the same as the walls and ceiling in the main bath.

Did I mention, Hooper has the world's tallest ceilings? We had a clean-your-gutters size ladder in there with both of us on it! No pictures of that... I know you are disappointed.
Anyway, It was a fun project to see unfold. Hooper did an amazing job. Sometimes the hardest spaces to do are your own. Like I said, the saddest part is that it's not my bathroom. But the next time Read and Hooper are out of town, I might have to bake some brownies for the little man at the gate, sneak in and take a bath. That's not weird is it?

May all your leaks lead to great rooms!
Bye, bye birdie,

Credit to: Soundside Carpentry, Overstock, Southeastern Tile, Port City Tile and Marble, Tom Garvey Plumbing, Craig's List, and last but not least... Ann White Schutte's fabulous murals (added by Hooper)

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