Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sweet Baby 'S'...

I usually do not play favorites but if I had to choose a favorite nursery I've painted this is definatly a contender. We did not have much to go on other then we knew she was a girl and her name started with an 'S'. We got some hand-me-down furniture from big sister Kyla and borrowed style cues from her parents.  The home has a comfortable, eclectic vibe and we knew the nursery needed the same feel.


 We walked into purple walls, white crib and changer and a green bumper. Other than that, we had free reign over this sweet little girl's nursery.

 A painted bench and table needed a face lift. I gave them a green glazed over haul and a purpose...


 next to a brown chair in a lonely corner....  The only request was from dad who wanted a chandelier for his second princess.  I was thrilled to find this one, which looks amazing in the room.

Birds of a Feather and Blue Whale Portraits teamed up to personalize this space with family pictures. I accompanied Kevin Millard for a photo shoot that added the perfect amount of whimsy. 

We talked about wallpaper, but ultimately decided on a modern vine inspired accent wall to tie in the green, brown and break up the purple. 

Hooper scored when she came across this pale purple dandelion fabric that we had made into a quilt, pillow and added it to the existing bed skirt. 

Little details make a big impact for a little girl, we now know as "Silvie". 

Sweet Dreams Sylvie
Bye bye birdie,

credit to: Shades of Light, Blue Whale Portraits

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Look out D.C....

So, Hooper and Read packed up the minivan and took their crew to D.C. for the weekend for a vacay. Look out D.C.! I know they will have a blast. Here's my problem, when I go to places like that I love to look at the houses. The real houses with real people. I like to walk up and down the streets wondering who lives there, what does it look like inside, I wonder if they have kids...etc...etc...
(I am no fun to go to Charleston, S.C. with- Ask Jeff)

So when I found out they were going I did some real estate stalking for them. (Read will be ecstatic!)

So, Hooper and Read, IF you were there to purchase a home I found 3 for you to look at....

Option number 1: for 2.2 mil. you can own this lovely little cottage with 4 beds/ 4 baths. Isn't she adorable....

Can't you just see us lounging out here ...flipping through magazines...our  kids  playing QUIETLY in the backyard.... Jeff and Read  grilling our dinner and the cabana boy refreshing our drinks.... 

Option number 2: Lovin' this one! (And it's just under 5 mil! Score!)

 Anyone notice the West Elm chairs?
Love the sunken living room...

If you buy this one, this is MY guest room, not your master...

Option number 3: you can own this beauty for just under 6 mil.

Kind of has a "Huxstable" vibe. Cliff, Claire, Theo, Rudy... Are you in there?

I wonder if they use this dining room much? I just can't see us sitting around that table grubbin' out on our pizza....

This house got me at the back stairs. Don't you just love them?

Anyway, Read & Hooper- Enjoy your mini vacay and don't forget to check out...


Have fun and let me know which house you "buy"....

How about you... any other realestate stalkers out there?
Does anyone else go to important places only to get sucked in by the homes?

Bye, bye Birdie,

Museam of American Art, National Zoo, Washington Fine Properties, L.L.C, Sotheby's

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We don't even have a speech prepared!!!

Cue: Tears, kiss husbands, fluff up long dresses and head gracefully to the stage....
We would like to thank the Academy...
Oh, wait. This isn't the Oscars?? We already picked out our dresses, showered, brushed hair and borrowed jewelry. Ann even has on make-up.
Hooper's pick. Frilly, elaborate. 
Ann's pick. Simple, elegant.

Don't we look great?
Cue: Slap. What? This isn't the Academy Awards? Ughmmm. OMG, this is the Stylish Blogger Awards? So we are a little over dressed... 
Let's try again.  We'd like to thank our dear fellow blogger, Loretta Fontaine for our award. We are inspired daily by her design tips and creative ideas. Visit her at Apples and Rubies. And Loretta, thank you!!! So as a rule for all recipients of this (very prestigious) award, we have to tell you 7 things about us that you may not already know. 

1. We went to high school together.

2. Hooper has 3 sets of twins in her family. Ann has two sets of twins in hers.
3. Hooper and Ann designed crib bedding, pj's and more for Hooper's line, Little Lambinates. The collection was called "Anna Cabana".
4. Ann used to have a chicken named 'Chicken' that had a mad crush on her husband and would meet him at his car everyday after work.
5. Hooper listens to Justin Bieber in her car. Alone. Ann listens to the voices in her head in her car. Alone. 
6. College Summer Jobs: Hooper worked in Nantucket as a hotel chamber maid. Soon after, there was a bed bugs out break in the North East.
Ann worked in Colorado as rock repeller. Wow. I feel safe just thinking about it.
7. Ann is a morning person, Hooper is a night owl. So when do we work on our blog?

Thanks again to Loretta for this honor. The best part is we got to accept it in our pajamas. 

Bye bye birdie,

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A little cow goes a long way....

So this week I ordered my first hide rug. Yipee! I have huge expectations for this rug. I really think it is going to change my house. (Though I still don't know where I am going to put it) Hooper encouraged me to not go to 'cow'. So instead of big brown and white spots I chose salt and pepper brown.

Isn't she lovely.....

Of course I go to read Lonny and hides are everywhere. Now I am more excited because dare I dream my room could be this delicious....

I was thinking it could go under my dining room table. I hear they are indestructible. I wonder what they do when they test a product to say it can withstand anything. Do they put it in a house with a dog, 10, 7, 5, and 4 year old. They should. I am  a little nervous. Sometimes I turn mean when I get something new. I yell at the whole family until the new thing gets it's first stain or scratch. Then I  am over it.

Anyway, I'm totally psyched!
How about you...Anyone else have a hide rug? Where did you put it?

Bye, bye Birdie,

Credit: Lonny Mag.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Overstock Rocks

My latest project is a big bedroom on a small budget. The goal being big bang for buck bedroom. I have $2000 to spend on everything and I mean EVERYTHING. I wanted to challenge myself and try to do the entire bedroom out of one of my favorite budget friendly resources, Overstock.com. At Overstock, your entire order ships for $2.95 or less. Literally. Check out what I found. 
Ultra modern South Beach bed, $294.29

             Linen handprinted drapes, $59.99. I need 4

     Painted distressed dresser with mirrored panels, $709.99

                Cream and White Duvet Cover, $41.99
                 Down Alternative Comforter, $64.99
1000 Thread count sheets in gray

Ikat Pillow, $74.99
            Reclaimed stripped teak side table, $188.99

             Industrial Steel Nesting tables, $276.99
         Ivory Cable knit, faux cashmere throw, $44.99
                   Trendy Prints, $14.79 each

Show me the money! Right now, Overstock is offering a 7% discount to email subscribers. With shipping, I am at $1915.72. Not bad. What do you think? Could this be your bedroom? Your bank account thinks so.

Bye bye birdie,

credit to: Overstock.com

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Plenty of Room for Imagination

Little clients have big imaginations and their rooms should be a reflection of that. My four year old client's room is finally finished. Check out his nautical room below. 

The walls are painted a gray blue to showoff the NOAA Marine charts hung by my fabulous wallpaper hanger. We did the entire Eastern Seaboard and then finished off with the Great Lakes since the clients visit family there every summer. 
Does this dresser look familiar? I think I found it a new home.
 A reading nook with comfy (slip covered) sofa and seafarer trunk (for extra storage) creates a cool kid space that will take little boy to big boy. We wanted to create a space that would grow with him.
 Bead board built-ins are filled with books and galvanized buckets for toy organization. 
 West Elm bedding in gray ticking gives a nautical feel without being too cliche. Want to see more mapped rooms? Sue at one of our favorite blogs, The Zhush, recently posted pics of her little boy's room. I love it Sue! Is it a new trend?

Now for the flip side. While the little boy's room may be fit for a fisherman, check out the little girl's room, fit for a very stylish little girl.
Dwell Studio bedding has enough of a modern twist to off set the sweet antique four poster bed. 
 More modern touches... Ann did another great job with this one. As the little girl grows, this room can grow from prissy and sweet to  Palm Beach Glam. 
 Slip covered slipper chairs in a green Ikat twist on a polka dot. 
 I love the pale pink lamps on the Target (yes Target) mirrored bedside tables. 
I added a little jewelry. Check out the pink polka dot ceramic knobs from World Market!
A final touch of glam. Every little girl needs some, right?

Bye bye birdie,
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