Friday, January 28, 2011

Mental Health Day

My husband went on a business trip and one of the twins is sick. Not just sick, house bound. I won't go into details. I can't tell you the last time I was home all day... and was well. OK, maybe not mentally well, but physically well. 
It got me thinking about how drab my kitchen looks and how it needs updating and how I spend 95% of my time in there and how if I spend 95% of my time in there, then shouldn't it be beautiful and calming? I mean, it is the hub of the home... don't I deserve that? (I am hoping my husband is not reading this). Thankfully, he doesn't actually read our blog that much so I'm safe. 
I am working off of a black and white checkerboard tile. It all started because I told him I wanted to replace it. The understanding and practical person he is instantly said: NO, there is nothing wrong with our back splash. The fact that it is black and white checkerboard is fine with him. Me, I feel like I'm cooking here every night. Would you like a milk shake with that?
He doesn't realize that once I get an idea in my head, there is no turning back. He also doesn't understand that in order to distract from my checkerboard, I will need some BIG distractions. Did I mention that my cow hide rug arrived? Isn't she something?
Checkerboard, shmeckerboard. Must use under farm table, but beat up chairs make rug look misplaced. Hmmm. Also must fly under the radar with this one. Our chairs are perfectly good chairs. Just ugly and sad. Husband will not see the true value in new chairs, which I so clearly need. Clearly.

Ah ha! These ghost chairs are perfect. He won't even see them. And, I found some on Craig's List (for those of you that stopped by yesterday, yes, I really did). This is shaping up. Rug, check, chairs, check, backsplash, checkerboard. OK, keep going. I need to draw the eye upwards. Toward heaven. Toward something much prettier than my flourescent lighting... Yeah, this is really something. The frosted diffuser gives off a warm glow and the bugs that are stuck in side add a nice touch.
 Surely, he can't expect me to live with a bug collection above my sink? I decide to dose up little boy with Motrin and head out into the world for just a minute. Not to worry, we are prepared for any accidents. 
I stop by Maran Anderson Home for a change of scenery(staying home all day is for the birds) and just see if they possibly have a light fixture that I could try (aka install myself before husband gets home).
They had a drum shade similar to this. It's huge. And with a pendant this big, hubby won't notice the rug or chairs. Great plan. 
As I'm snuggling on the sofa with my baby (yes, in the store living room vignette, but pretending to be in own living room), I notice Maran's oh so fab wall color. I can paint, sort of. My cabinets may need a little facelift. Come to find out, it's Benjamin Moore's "Covington Blue" and reminded me of Elizabeth Taylor's apartment in Butterfield-8. 
She looks so glamourous. Like she could come over and have a glass of champagne with me in my new kitchen. She definitely does not look like someone who is going to fry up some burgers at my Checker's grille. Soooo.... I call my tile guy. Just to chat, really. About business and the weather and then I throw in a quick mention about how my back splash is tired and could he give me some tips on how to replace it myself so husband won't know. He laughs because he has seen my dry wall patches. So, tile is out, again. Read will notice if Adam is in our kitchen for a few days. What do do? And then, on Maran's sofa, where my son is comfortably napping, it hits me. I can put something over the tile. And I know just the thing. I can't get into it now, that's tomorrow's project. For now, I think I have enough to keep me busy. At least until the other kids get home.

Bye bye birdie...

Credit to: Maran Anderson Home, Saddleman's of Santa Fe, Decor Pad, Apartment Therapy


Julie Wilson said...

I am so intrigued!! Can't wait to see!

My Interior Life said...

Love the way your brain works. The Checkers photo cracked me up, and that rug is beyond fabulous. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Taman Hape said...

Sorry for hearing your husband sick!

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