Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sweet Baby 'S'...

I usually do not play favorites but if I had to choose a favorite nursery I've painted this is definatly a contender. We did not have much to go on other then we knew she was a girl and her name started with an 'S'. We got some hand-me-down furniture from big sister Kyla and borrowed style cues from her parents.  The home has a comfortable, eclectic vibe and we knew the nursery needed the same feel.


 We walked into purple walls, white crib and changer and a green bumper. Other than that, we had free reign over this sweet little girl's nursery.

 A painted bench and table needed a face lift. I gave them a green glazed over haul and a purpose...


 next to a brown chair in a lonely corner....  The only request was from dad who wanted a chandelier for his second princess.  I was thrilled to find this one, which looks amazing in the room.

Birds of a Feather and Blue Whale Portraits teamed up to personalize this space with family pictures. I accompanied Kevin Millard for a photo shoot that added the perfect amount of whimsy. 

We talked about wallpaper, but ultimately decided on a modern vine inspired accent wall to tie in the green, brown and break up the purple. 

Hooper scored when she came across this pale purple dandelion fabric that we had made into a quilt, pillow and added it to the existing bed skirt. 

Little details make a big impact for a little girl, we now know as "Silvie". 

Sweet Dreams Sylvie
Bye bye birdie,

credit to: Shades of Light, Blue Whale Portraits


designchic said...

So adorable...love the way you did the photsos!!

Gretchen O. said...

What a lucky little girl...and the pics with her big sister are just so sweet. Love the fabric too. Just found you all, and can't wait to explore your blog more.

My Interior Life said...

Too cute!! Love the lavender.

Harga Smartphone Terbaru said...

That is very cool!
I want to adopt this design to my soon's room.
Thanks for the idea's.

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