Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We don't even have a speech prepared!!!

Cue: Tears, kiss husbands, fluff up long dresses and head gracefully to the stage....
We would like to thank the Academy...
Oh, wait. This isn't the Oscars?? We already picked out our dresses, showered, brushed hair and borrowed jewelry. Ann even has on make-up.
Hooper's pick. Frilly, elaborate. 
Ann's pick. Simple, elegant.

Don't we look great?
Cue: Slap. What? This isn't the Academy Awards? Ughmmm. OMG, this is the Stylish Blogger Awards? So we are a little over dressed... 
Let's try again.  We'd like to thank our dear fellow blogger, Loretta Fontaine for our award. We are inspired daily by her design tips and creative ideas. Visit her at Apples and Rubies. And Loretta, thank you!!! So as a rule for all recipients of this (very prestigious) award, we have to tell you 7 things about us that you may not already know. 

1. We went to high school together.

2. Hooper has 3 sets of twins in her family. Ann has two sets of twins in hers.
3. Hooper and Ann designed crib bedding, pj's and more for Hooper's line, Little Lambinates. The collection was called "Anna Cabana".
4. Ann used to have a chicken named 'Chicken' that had a mad crush on her husband and would meet him at his car everyday after work.
5. Hooper listens to Justin Bieber in her car. Alone. Ann listens to the voices in her head in her car. Alone. 
6. College Summer Jobs: Hooper worked in Nantucket as a hotel chamber maid. Soon after, there was a bed bugs out break in the North East.
Ann worked in Colorado as rock repeller. Wow. I feel safe just thinking about it.
7. Ann is a morning person, Hooper is a night owl. So when do we work on our blog?

Thanks again to Loretta for this honor. The best part is we got to accept it in our pajamas. 

Bye bye birdie,


bluehydrangea said...

Congrats girls!!

My Interior Life said...

Congratulations and you girls are hilarious. That chicken about made me spit out my coffee!

Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Hooper and Ann- You dressed so well for this! Loved the professional photographs you took before accepting!

I just posted your list to my Facebook page! Love this list, you guys are too funny. Wish you had went to my high school!

What happened to the chicken? Too much jealousy from another woman?


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