Friday, February 4, 2011

Be still my heart...

I am in love with the Texas home of Jamie and Larry Oliver. (apparently  designing duo extraordinaire!) Their home was featured on last weekends Etsy, Get the Look Decor . I am also in love with Etsy's blog and their genius Get the Look feature! They showcase homes and show you similar furniture, accessories, art etc... available on Etsy. Brilliant! Maybe I am the last one to know about this... (wouldn't be the first time!)

Anyhoo... I am diggin' the concept but really diggin' this house. Look.... Enjoy!

Thanks to sweet Jen (my super talented friend from Fotojenik) who sent me this link because she thought it would make me happy.... It did.

Have a FABULOUS weekend...
Bye, bye Birdie,

Credit to: Etsy,Jamie & Larry Oliver


Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Anne- Great spaces. Love the shots of black all around.


Unknown said...

Ann, great post!
:) Hooper

bluehydrangea said...

No your not the last to know, I am! I had no idea Etsy had a blog but I am off to check it out now. Probably another hour down the drain but what the hell!

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