Thursday, February 10, 2011

A facelift

I am not above having a face lift. In fact, I may need it sooner than later. My little girl told me just the other day about a miracle wrinkle cream she saw on TV. I really should limit her TV time. However,  until my face just gives out, the only facelifts I get to worry about now, are the spaces that need a little updating. They can be relatively painless and oh so much fun. Check out this living room that needed a new look... This is the before. 

Viola! A whole new look. Young and fresh. That's what I want (need). 

A new color palette, some updated accessories and more current finishes and... 

a fresh coat of white paint on the fireplace with a new reclaimed wood mantle that floats. 

It brightens up the entire room and is now a focal point. 
The driftwood mirror opens up a large wall and adds light on a window-less wall. 

 Recovered sofas in a soft gray neutral...

A patterned custom rug and blue/natural zig zag drapes finish it off.

What do you think? Like the new look? Let me know, it's your comments that keep us going!
Bye bye birdie

Credit to: Soundside Carpentry


Anonymous said...

oooh love those couch pillows(blue/green ones) ... tell me where I can purchase them pretty please! :) ... and the room looks fabulous by the way!


Luke Hoy said...

I think the room looks SO much more open, light and airy. Overall great! I was horrified the first time I heard about people painting brick fireplaces but it work's so well and bring's in alot of light! Great job!

Anne McAllister said...

This may be my favorite blog post yet. What color are the walls? I would love this color for my bedroom. The prints on the mantle are totally cool. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, I want this room! Wait a minute, this is my living room! Hooper, you are amazing and we LOVE our new look!

shellie said...

yes! love the white brick. love the driftwood mirror. love the paint wall color. love the coffee table. okay, i'm in love. oh, and i love before and afters!

Unknown said...

Hi Christine, I'm glad you like the pillows. We had them made. I am sure I could have some made for you too! Just have to check on fabric supply. Let me know, I'll hook you up.
Anne: the color of the walls is Benjamin Moore Beach Glass and it is even prettier in person. Much prettier than it looks in my sub-par photography:) Thanks for asking!!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh my goodness what a transformation! It looks great. I love how a fresh coat of paint and some rearranging can make such a difference.

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