Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I went to Connecticut to visit my brother and left  them in 6" of new snow. It was cold, but fun, and left me craving summer, heat and punchy colors. While I was freezing my tail feathers off in the Northeast, Ann was sunning it up in our neck of the woods in 80 degree weather. Today, back home, I wake up to 50's and cloudy. Oh how I need sunshine and no more layers. However, this version of my summer dream room is layered with everything that makes me happy and just looking at it, makes me feel like summer is right around the corner 
Summer RoomAnn, wearing a fleece today and not happy about it, designed her dream summer look.They could not be more different. Which one is more you?

Wonder what would happen if our families shared a beach house... Hmmmmm. OK. Year 2020 (aka, never), our husbands let us buy a beach house (or a lake house will do) and we time share it between our families. Yes, it is brilliant. Oh yeah and here's the kicker (the real reason behind this summer home fantasy)... we get to decorate it. No budget, no opinions from loving husbands who just want to make us happy. This is a fantasy after all. So....what would you do?

Bye bye birdie,


Lori @ Lori May Interiors said...

I love Ann's version! I just took a pic of that adorable metal side table at Crate last night!

My Interior Life said...

Hmm. I love elements of both. Is that too politically correct of me?

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