Friday, March 18, 2011

Refined and Repurposed: Before and After

Once in awhile, I get asked to work on a space like this. The client has amazing taste, incredible accessories and furniture with timeless lines... oh, I love my job. This was such a fun project because everything was repurposed. The client wanted an updated space that was sophisticated and restful. A mother of three, she wanted a retreat just for her (unless she decided to entertain) in which case, her current room just wasn't fitting her needs. 
The long room had almost a gallery feel with everything oriented around the grand fireplace. The result of this long layout is that there was no cozy spot for conversation and the areas in the back of the long room were never used. It was an amazing room to start with, but just wasn't getting used to it's full potential. The walls are a soft yellow with heavy cream silk drapes. I decided to work with that and change out the fabrics and rug to give the room a more current look.

She told me to go all over her house and find pieces that I could work with. I found chairs, lamps and more chairs and went to town. 

This chair looked tired and worn out, but look at the lines! I saw it and dragged it out of her bedroom for a major facelift. 

I reoriented the furniture so that the room went from lending itself to no conversation to being the topic of conversation. The client is always put together (she will argue this, but it's true). She loves old style glamour (just like me) and so I started the room with one of my very favorite glamorous things. It may just be my signature. Can you guess?
What's a girl to do if a client gives her free reign to go glam? Silver and Gold, that's what. 

 The tuxedo sofa got recovered in a divine gray velvet. 
 Remember the gilt chair from her bedroom? Lucky me, there were two. The subtle gray and gold silk check updates the pair. 
 I loved her wall of butterfly etchings, so they stayed, we just created another seating space around them. 
 Funky fringe makes these pillows a little less serious. 

 I took this desk out of her kitchen and used it behind the sofa to showcase her beautiful coral and porcelain and now it has a purpose... she can write me an invitation to invite me over for dinner and drinks in her new space. 
 A little crystal antique lamp on this small marble top table is the perfect size for me to put my cocktail or um tea while visiting. 
 I love this chair. It is a totally unexpected pattern with a Moroccan vibe and the pillow was made from an old fur coat she bought at a yard sale. 
 The pops of turquoise in the antique foo dogs (the real deal) add another color to... 
 ... play off of her collection of blue willow china pieces. 

 The Greek Key coffee table grounds the hide and I love the dark elements. 
 Remember this? Doesn't she look beautiful? A Kravet fabric and a gazillion nail heads and viola!

Love the detailing.

 Her grand fireplace just needed more to bring down the scale, so we added a Venetian mirror. 

 Do you like it? What do you think? I want a mom cave like this one. 

Bye bye birdie...


Alexandra Bee Blog said...

you are FABULOUS!! i just love what you did to that room and am so impressed by your ability to scavenge around the house and use pieces she already had! i'm new to blogging, so please stop by!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! I love the room you did... You are so talented... you can be modern and unexpected, and traditional and glamorous. What a sophisticated living space! You are amazing!!!

A Perfect Gray said...

super fresh and inviting. really like the up-dated furniture arrangement. I am sure your client was VERY happy...


Anonymous said...

Oh my, how beautiful. I imagine the home owner loved the fact that you repurposed so many of her things. Everything looked fantastic - great job!!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Fantastic job! Amazing how fabric and moving things around can create a whole new look. She must be over the moon!

My Interior Life said...

Such a beautiful and elegant update! That rug, the turquoise lamp, the Greek Key coffee table all add pizazz while still being tasteful and understated. Job well done!

Amy said...

I am just loving velvet sofas right now! They seem to be everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Who makes the velvet you used on the sofa?! Gorgeous!!

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