Wednesday, March 16, 2011

10 Years and Counting!

Read and I have almost been married for 20  10 years. It is quite a feat. We have decided to take a vacation to celebrate our love (ha ha).  Tin is the traditional wedding anniversary gift for the ten year mark. Wow. Really excited about this one. Instead of a gorgeous tin ring, do you think he would think it was weird if I left him at home and spent my ten year wedding anniversary with Kelly Wearstler? I could simply sit at one of her decorated Viceroy hotels. Don't care where it is, will travel. Here are some of the rooms where I hope to spend my ten year wedding anniversary. I love you Kelly, uh um, I mean, Read.


So where should we go? I am really thinking about taking Read along. Been anywhere good lately? 

Bye bye birdie...

credit to: Viceroy Hotel Group, Kelly (the genius) Wearstler


Anonymous said...

hahaha! I think you should take your husband! That would be nice! I hope you get to go to one of Kelly's resorts...wish I could tell you which one but I haven't been to any! Have fun! :) Amy

Anonymous said...

My husband and I just spent 10 days in Costa's like a clean, cheap Mexico! Tamirindo is a fun and funky beach town with plenty to do and good food. Try VRBO or trip advisor for a good B&B in your price range...we found a fantastic one for $600 for the week! It was our favorite vacation ever. :) Happy anniversary!

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