Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Graham!

Today is my little girl's (um, not so little anymore) birthday. Happy Birthday Graham! She is 8. Which means, I am eight years older than I was when I had her (and was, then, young). Enough math. In honor of her birthday, Ann and I decided to take a last minute trip to Bald Head Island to celebrate. 

Here I am with Flanner on the ferry ride over.  I am blogging, er um, taking pictures of the lovely scenery. Really,  I am.
 So everyone was really excited about the trip, except for Molly, who evidently thinks we are the biggest losers on the planet. No idea why. 
So we squeeze them all into a tiny house (great find, BTW), very affordable and perfect, yet tiny enough that I suddenly feel like the old lady in the shoe. We set out to explore the island (ie: buy enough wine to calm nerves from day trip with 6 pint size Spring Breakers). 
And decide we are on Spring Break ourselves... Flash back. 
(Attn: DFS and BHI Police, not drinking and driving golf carts, just prepared for when we get home).  
Ahhh, the sign of a fun day. Kids pass out and we are wondering/hoping our husbands will show up soon.

Graham, I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
Bye bye birdie,


bluehydrangea said...

Happy Birthday Graham!! Hope everyone is having a blast and that's there enough wine for the mama's!!

My Interior Life said...

Oh, happy birthday to your sweet Graham! My daughter just turned 9 a month ago, so I feel your pain (and my baby boy just turned 6). I'm feeling so old. Looks like a great time was had by all!

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