Monday, April 4, 2011

We're baaaack and have a surprise!

Ok, we're back from market. Our husbands are thrilled. Us? Not so much. It was 48 hours of shopping 'til you drop. You know, the good kind. The kind where you check off tons of wishes on those dreamy clients' wish lists and come home with enough stuff to fill up hiding spaces in garage. Ann is asleep, so I don't have to worry about her reading this. I am guessing she passed out on her sofa around 7. Me, my adrenaline is still flowing, so I am trying to get this blog down before I crash, or worse, husband decides he needs something out of garage. 
So here is how it went down. We left very early Friday morning. Dark-thirty. But, you say... market didn't start until Saturday. Yes, you are right, however, in our bargain hunting (genius) minds, going up a day early for preview sales would be very beneficial. Don't tell  husbands market didn't actually start until Saturday. I would show pictures, but, at 6 am, they just aren't that pretty. 
Arrive at preview sale. Start picking. For what you ask? Well... that is another surprise post. We were shopping for you (hint hint). So here are some shots of the fabulous warehouse we hit first....

 Let's suffice it to say that we couldn't quite fit it all in the car. This is Jesus (not THE Jesus, although it would have been great if He had been around to help miraculously fit everything in our car).
So then, packed to the gills, we headed to the showrooms. Again, since market wasn't open yet, we got the benefit of eating all of the food (rationed for market) and drinking pre-market (um, rationed for market) wine. They are smart. Feed us and ply us with alcohol and we will place orders. Even joined in on an employee dinner. Great you say, sounds fun. Yes, until we wake up on the actual day of market feeling not so hot and exhausted for chumming it up with reps. Loving this new released rug at the Feizy showroom... the perfect expression of how we were feeling. 

No pics of us either because after a night of eating market food and drinking market wine, we are so bloated, we can barely shop. Harder to write orders on second day when fingers are like sausages. Ok, I digress... This brightened the morning. Lucite and chrome... so pretty.
 Then onto Global Views. Bright cheery and glam (unlike us)

 Remember Ann's find at the junk shop? This isn't it.... put throw on a neutral fabric and for a fraction of the cost (OK, 100th of the cost....) you could have this.  Maybe I should take a load off and have another salty appetizer and glass of wine.  
If you are just getting to market, enjoy, it's a great one! Tons to see. We just ate  shopped our way right through. Stay tuned for more on our market finds and how you too can get your hot little hands on some. Night night. My adrenaline just ran out...
Bye bye birdie,

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suziQ said...

Ever since I saw The Bowyers candle holders that you found I've been in desperate search for some just like it! I noticed there were many "bubble" or "globe" candle holders on your trip, but if you ever find them in clear glass, I'd love to buy them! Keep up the good your posts!

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