Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's Your Style?

If anyone watches our friend Em on Secrets of  Stylist you are familiar with the part of the show where she does a style diagnosis or as she calls it a 'style diagnostic.' By placing random objects on the table
            (ie: creepy doll, neck ties and door knobs) 
...and asking a few questions, she determines her clients' style. And we are not talking eclectic, or traditional. We're talking out of the box styles like 'modern artsy nouveau' , 'rustic mantique', 'Neo-southern modern scottish re-belle', 'prostitute classy' (oh did you miss that episode? I'm just kidding, that's not really one).
But If you ever wondered what "Neo-southern modern scottish re-belle" looks like, here it is (and it's pretty great).

For those who've been following us, you know we are very different (from each other), as clients point out daily: You two are nothing alike, how did you get to be friends again? So.... we decided to do our own style diagnostic to determine our personal styles. We picked from a random (and I mean, random) group of items and here is what we chose.

Can you guess who chose what? If we mixed them, what would we call our style?

blog post
Organic Dynasty?
Bohemian Hollywood Regency Hippie?
Ugly pretty or Pretty Ugly? 
Preppy Modern Traditional Homely?
Blinged out Worn In?

We're not really sure what we'd call it, but it seems to work. Tons of contradictions or our word of the week: Juxtaposition 

Whatever it is, we love how Em does it and love when our client's let us do it.
What's your style diagnosis?

Bye bye birdie,

credit to: Style by Emily Henderson, Polyvore


Unknown said...

I absolutely love watching her show - she is so refreshing and darling! My diagnostic tool is pretty boring - if a client doesn't come with already clipped out magazine pages of what they like (which so many do) I have a binder with all the great ideas I have taken from magazines over the years and I let them borrow it and put post-its on the pages they like. I instruct them that even if they don't know why they like it just mark it. Then we sit down and talk about what they liked in each photo. They may not even know it, but there is always a common thread through everything they pick and that is how I begin the process of getting into their head.

Luke Hoy said...

I love her! Great post!

Town and Country Gals said...

Just found your blog thru Kim at Chattafabulous and really enjoyed your posts and your profile description! You pretty much describe me and my best friend! Her style is pretty traditional and formal and mine is rustic lodge, farmhouse, cottage with a little primitive thrown in. (Is that a style)? But, when the time comes, and it always does that we like the same thing, lookout! My style sounds like it could be a big miss mash when I read it, I think it's turned out ok, but then again, that's my take!
I love Emily! She is so much fun and her final design is always so on the mark!
P.S. I am your newest follower and will be checking back often! Would love for you to visit me!

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