Monday, May 2, 2011

Hats Off!

I've done my research on this. I'm talking 24 hours of non-stop Royals. I've watched Fashion Police and taken notes. I am starting to speak in a British accent and even called my little girl, "Poppet". Seriously, I know what I'm talking about. I'm onto something and think it may just be the newest trend in design. Rooms inspired by the outrageous hats worn to Will and Kate's nuptials.

I enlarged this one just in case you couldn't see it.

My  master husband is so hot...

I like the jelly fish on the head wall.

          In the South, we say: Bless her heart. We also think less is more... (sometimes)...

In honor of Birds of a Feather

Oh and here's my favorite... Can't you just hear it: Where are you stylist? Why can't I find you, why have you gone away?...

That's all for now, check back daily for more design trends. 


credit to: Decorpad


Karena said...

Oh I love your images , thank you for these beautiful and FUN highlights!!

Art by Karena

Nicole Payne said...

Shannon Bishop led me to your blog and I visit it all week long for decorating inspiration and to enjoy your commentary and wit. Your sense of style and how available you make it seem to us common folk is wonderful! Thanks and glad to see you and your family is doing well!
Nicole Sessoms Payne

Nicole Payne said...

um, "glad that you and your family ARE doing well"...geez. where did I go to college??
Nicole :)

Luke Hoy said...

The last hat is such a brave move! Imagine seeing her walking down the street! I love it!

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