Friday, July 29, 2011

Front Door??

Here is my front door. I love it, the style, the scale, the fact that it welcomes me into my home every day. Here's what I don't like, the flaking paint and mildew, the fact that I have to bleach it weekly so it isn't mistaken for a dingy gray color. So, I'm going to paint it. I'm on a roll anyway, right? And clearly a painted door has a direct effect on how happy you are... I mean, look at Bethenny! So I need your help.
 Here is my house - so you have the big picture.
To take a cue from Emily Henderson, my style is "Hollywood Regency Bungalow". My current door screams "bungalow" but there is no Hollywood glam. This Tiffany blue could look great with my house color.
 I know -- too much pink is just too much, but I couldn't resist this eye candy.
 I love the fresh pop of color of this door. It says: Come on in! Maybe a little too bright for my house color, but, hey, I'm up for a risk...
This is just too pretty to leave out.
 I could lacquer for some glam effect? You know me, I'll lacquer anything that will sit still long enough.
This feels like my house...too expected?
Ahhhh... I love everything from the color to the jewelry that adorns it. 
So what do you think? What color would look best? I'd love your suggestions and if you have a color you have used and LOVE, pass along the details. 
Bye bye birdie,

Credit to: Creamy Life, Organize your Stuff, High Heel Foot in the Door.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Master Bedroom Re-Do

My husband is color blind, I think. It works in my favor. Not so much when he dresses himself, but helps a great deal when I decide to change things up. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. I’m either having a mid-life crisis or there is so much inspiration EVERYWHERE, that I just can help but bring it on home.

Once I updated my dining room, the master bedroom just down the hall was looking a little  tired and was feeling left out (I’m sure). 
Wanting all of my rooms to feel a part of my little love fest, I decided to paint - it's most inexpensive change you can make, I tell my clients -- really. My bedroom was Alexandria Beige (Ben Moore) when we moved in and I just haven't had the energy to touch it and it was pretty. But, I can't sit still...

You know the drill, Read leaves and I call Fernando. It is NOT what it sounds like. Fernando is a fabulous painter who thinks nothing of my request: Just sneak in while Read's at work, paint as fast as you can, then sneak out the back. 

I loved the color of my dining room ceiling so much, I just had to spread it around (Ben Moore Soft Shell). 

It's peach or coral (or a slight pink), if you will. Semantics, really. “Peach” for anyone who is asking and male (with a hint of pink). Plus, pink is Pantone’s color of the year, so... 

Color blind (ish) husband -- may not even notice (minus the smell of new paint that seemed to stick around for DAYS)...
I have had my bedding for almost 6 years. I love it. I never get tired of it because I adore green. It is Yves Delorme, “Canne”. It is oh so comfy and bleachable which is my criteria for everything.
The walls were beautiful when finished, but the “peach” didn’t really make sense without some fabrics to tie in my green bedding. Hmmm. No budget and husband home from trip any minute. It was clearly, a design emergency. I did what anyone would do. I raided my design closet. I have a gazillion fabulous memo samples that I am sure I was supposed to return at some point. Lucky me, the Osborne and Little/Designer’s Guild memos are huge...
By huge, I mean, Euro sham size, HELLO!!! Need more color -- found coral/orange and hot pink fabrics, green and linen damasks and my signature zebra (shock). Repurposed pillows! I mean, I’m practically “green”. Ran right over to the $7 fabric store and bought a couple yards of linen in natural and white, called emergency seamstress and said: “How much do you love me?”. Evidently,  she is either not all that busy (probably) or loves me a ton (doubt it) because she got right on it and made amazing (practically free) pillows in minutes (ok, a few days), but still. 
What do you think?
I moved some art from other places in my home and filled in with photos and fresh flowers. It is fresh and it feels much larger and more like a retreat than a cave. 

Pink is the new brown anyway...
Sweet Dreams!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While my sister was here last week from Chicago I decided to take my mom, sister, and sister in law to my fave junk shop. (The one that looks like you might not make it out alive). See here. And I am soooo glad we went because look what I scored! FOR THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS!!!! Did you HEAR me??? This is a 1960ish Magnavox record/ radio console in insane good condition. The radio still works but the record player... not so much. (the stuff on top is some of our loot from the day)

Sweet Mary (owner) said she had to get $35 out of it and she was sorry because the record player didn't work. But as a bonus she let me keep the record that was in it... Abba. I don't know if it's sad or funny that I already have that record!

As you can imagine I was soooo excited -I just got rid of our entertainment center and our t.v. was sitting on an old pine harvest table. This is much better... trust me!

Here it is in our living room... wanted to give you the big picture look...

I know, I know... pictures on wall all outta scale and not looking so good...

BUT... I want it to look like this. I want a wall with all different pieces of art (which I have a ton of...shocker, I know). Right now I'm searching for some kind of small mirror...

 I also noticed my poor chair looks terrible... (you do not even want to know why the hide is thrown over the back!)

Of course I am no longer liking this chair, shape, really anything about it. When you get something new everything around it needs to go too. I guess this is when the $35 bargain starts costing you! If you have a fabulous chair you'd like to send my way... please do. I'm thinking cleaner lines ... thoughts?

 Anyway we had a blast and I manged to learn 2 things on my excursion...

#1. The more livestock, the better the loot...
#2. Horizontal stripes don't do a thing for me...

Bye, bye birdie,

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Yesterday, our friend Sissy from Blue Hydrangea posted the most amazing DIY ever.  Yep, she made it with wood shims and carpenter's glue. Genius. It is all we can do not to run all 7 kids over to Home Depot to buy out wood shims. As impressive as her DIY is, you may have forgotten our (AKA Ann's) amazing DIY Sunburst mirror. Yes, it is all of 3" wide and made of toothpicks. Ok, Ok, maybe not quite as impressive, but we bet she stole our idea (ha ha). For more on doll house post, click here.

Yes, Ann was up for MOTY award (mother of the year), when she gifted her girls with this amazing DIY doll house. Yesterday, award was revoked when Ann (not listening), told girls it would be fine to jump on trampoline and add sprinklers for a slip and slide effect (no net on trampoline). See below -- for slip effect.  Luckily, I was there because, I sent Ann off to Medac with Lindley for possible bone break. I see Ann running to car with keys in hand and bag. Ann gets in car to leave and I gently remind her that Lindley is still inside on sofa. 

And the Mother of the Year Goes to.... someone else.
Happy Tuesday and feel better Lindley.
Bye bye birdie...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Dining Room Makeover -- Done!

 Hooper asked me to proof blog for post this morning. She thinks I was going to publish her post untouched, but I hijacked it and 
almost changed the name to: Why It's Hard to Be Friends with Hooper. Are you kidding me? I'm starting to feel like a loser, there's a toilet in a box in my dining room for 
master bath re-do that has been underway for a month. Apparently, my renovation is on a 3 year plan, not 3 day plan. 
There's a reason her husband calls her "his idiot savant". Pour a glass of wine before you read this (dull the pain) and enjoy what our sweet little Rain Man is capable of. Bye bye birdie, ~A

Thank you for all of the ideas and comments about my dining room! I finally finished it and am thrilled with the result. From Drab to Fab... 
Got lots of feedback. Thank you! The most common was to paint the furniture and break up all of the wood. My table has too much sentimental value to touch it. As for the chairs, I love them as they are. Wanted to paint the Brutalist Mirror, but Ann wouldn't let me, see here. So... I painted the easiest thing to paint. The walls. I darkened the color and added a coral tint to the ceiling. 
It makes my chandelier pop!
All by itself, the paint job isn't a huge leap, but...
I added an accent wall...
My inspiration was this "Octavio" wallpaper by Albert Van Nuit. I loved the pattern, scale and the metallic on matte. You know me, I love some bling. Thanks to those that said I needed a darker wall so my furniture would stand out. You were right. 
I got a great comment from my friend and fellow blogger, Sissy from Blue Hydrangea, who suggested I have a piece of wood cut to fit the table and then have Ann paint something fab on it. Loved the concept but took it to the next level.  So...

I called my friends at Matkins Glass and asked them to cut a mirrored top to fit. It would open up the room, add another reflective surface and additional light. They thought I was crazy. 
The result is fab, don't ya think? It softens the room AND reflects my wallpapered wall.

I got rid of the china cabinet (thanks to dear friend who doesn't sugar coat) and sent me a text saying simply: "Bye bye corner cab". I found this bamboo cabinet in my closet stuffed with shoes, it wasn't all that pretty. I found that the inside was covered with grass cloth (lucky me!) so I painted the interior with a high gloss version of the wall color and filled it with my fine china, Haviland Vieux Paris Green. 

And baby cups...
I love these cups. My mom gave them to me when the twins were born. They are designed by artist Grainger McKoy and the handle is his signature feather. They are engraved with their names and birthdate. I'd show you theirs, but they need polishing (badly).
I covered my drum shades with an unexpected pop of hot pink (and gold) zebra. Ann talked me into the fabric and taught me how to cover them with spray adhesive. I love the hot pink against the wall color and dark coral in my rug. 

Finally, I added some accessories to my side board, bought a REAL clam shell at Homegoods for $6.99 and filled it with spider mums. I crossed my fingers when Read got home, he wouldn't notice. He has no idea I painted -- thinks it is the same color. Hasn't noticed the mirrored table top and thinks I just slapped some wallpaper up myself (I wish). I love him for the fact that he is totally oblivious. All in all, it was a success and I'm so happy with the transformation. What do you think? 
Bye bye birdie,

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Welcome Baby Wren!

My sweet baby niece was born last Wednesday and might just be the cutest baby I have ever seen 
(I'm totally objective). 

I hear she is just loving her nursery. Welcome to the world baby Wren! We love you! 
Bye bye birdie,
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