Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Yesterday, our friend Sissy from Blue Hydrangea posted the most amazing DIY ever.  Yep, she made it with wood shims and carpenter's glue. Genius. It is all we can do not to run all 7 kids over to Home Depot to buy out wood shims. As impressive as her DIY is, you may have forgotten our (AKA Ann's) amazing DIY Sunburst mirror. Yes, it is all of 3" wide and made of toothpicks. Ok, Ok, maybe not quite as impressive, but we bet she stole our idea (ha ha). For more on doll house post, click here.

Yes, Ann was up for MOTY award (mother of the year), when she gifted her girls with this amazing DIY doll house. Yesterday, award was revoked when Ann (not listening), told girls it would be fine to jump on trampoline and add sprinklers for a slip and slide effect (no net on trampoline). See below -- for slip effect.  Luckily, I was there because, I sent Ann off to Medac with Lindley for possible bone break. I see Ann running to car with keys in hand and bag. Ann gets in car to leave and I gently remind her that Lindley is still inside on sofa. 

And the Mother of the Year Goes to.... someone else.
Happy Tuesday and feel better Lindley.
Bye bye birdie...

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bluehydrangea said...

Poor Lindley! Hope you got her all patched up. And don't feel bad, I let my kids put water and soap on our trampoline to make it extra slippery! And thanks for the shout out!! xo Sissy

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