Monday, July 4, 2011

Birthday Take over!

Seems like birthdays are taking over Birds of a Feather ... but now it's my turn to say Happy Birthday to my sweet first born Jackson! He was... (gasp)...11 on July 2nd! What? How did that happen? Can I at a mere 25 really have an 11 year old? Small lie... I'm 29...okay, okay- I'm embracing 30 with grace (and still lying!) Anyway, regardless of my age, where did the time go?

My 9 lb 4 oz. baby is now close to my height, sleeping later and later, and getting moodier by the minute! Guess the teens ARE right around the corner! The last 11 years have been a blast and we have enjoyed watching our little man evolve into an avid fisherman with a passion for all things nature. His room is a reflection of these interest (thought I'd throw some design in there, since this IS a design blog...)

One wall is chocolate brown chalkboard paint. I painted a rugby stripe around his room to tie it together. Yes- that is a valance made from a crib skirt. I strongly dislike valances but until I find the perfect panels, it's staying!

Never under estimate the power of Home Goods. This stool is the perfect side table and easy for him to move when he pulls out his trundle.

His sheets are Serena & Lily (clearance baby!) and his duvet is Pottery Barn ticking. It will stay for a while but he is outgrowing his camp-out art and stuffed animal deer head.

My brother gave him this 'trophy' when he was 5. It has always been above his bed but is probably on its way to a younger cousin. (sniff) I realize that Jackson is getting older and his transitional 'big boy' room is probably ready for another over haul. The dinosaurs, legos, and cars now reside in the closet while fishing rods, lacross sticks, and footballs have taken permanent residence along his walls.(That's why I could only show you one angle of his room!)

I am sure Jackson will have an opinion when it comes to what goes in his room. I'd love to find some old fish etchings or vintage 'Boys Life' magazine covers to frame and hang but we'll see. Who knows what I will come across!

Happy Birthday Jackson... and Happy 4th of July!!!!!

 (and btw... we really appreciated your comments on the last post. We love hearing from you even when we beg! ha!)

Bye, bye Birdie,


cc said...

This is exactly what's happening at my house! I have one boy in his own room with scouting things and sports equipment taking over. He's into books and history, too, so he has his collection of rare/old books and a brass rubbing. I'm raising a dork just like me! The other 2 just live in a series of piles of legos and clothes. Hoping that ends soon. Love the chalkboard wall.

bluehydrangea said...

Happy birthday Jackson!! Clay had a blast!!!

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