Friday, July 29, 2011

Front Door??

Here is my front door. I love it, the style, the scale, the fact that it welcomes me into my home every day. Here's what I don't like, the flaking paint and mildew, the fact that I have to bleach it weekly so it isn't mistaken for a dingy gray color. So, I'm going to paint it. I'm on a roll anyway, right? And clearly a painted door has a direct effect on how happy you are... I mean, look at Bethenny! So I need your help.
 Here is my house - so you have the big picture.
To take a cue from Emily Henderson, my style is "Hollywood Regency Bungalow". My current door screams "bungalow" but there is no Hollywood glam. This Tiffany blue could look great with my house color.
 I know -- too much pink is just too much, but I couldn't resist this eye candy.
 I love the fresh pop of color of this door. It says: Come on in! Maybe a little too bright for my house color, but, hey, I'm up for a risk...
This is just too pretty to leave out.
 I could lacquer for some glam effect? You know me, I'll lacquer anything that will sit still long enough.
This feels like my house...too expected?
Ahhhh... I love everything from the color to the jewelry that adorns it. 
So what do you think? What color would look best? I'd love your suggestions and if you have a color you have used and LOVE, pass along the details. 
Bye bye birdie,

Credit to: Creamy Life, Organize your Stuff, High Heel Foot in the Door.


Tammy@InStitches said...

I used a caramel latte but I think the tiffany blue would look so good on your house.

Kara Koeven said...

I love the tiffany blue! It would be very welcoming and glam!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

It's hard to tell what color the body of your house is. White? or light beige? I know you will come up with something completely gorgeous!

tarheel said...

the last foor is my all time favorite. I vote for blue. I LOVE your house.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

The sky is the limit with your house...use what makes you smile.
And I'm so happy to hear about your misc. projects piled up all over the house. I don't feel so all alone in my own mayhem now!

K. K. Dunn said...

I love the Granny Smith Apple Green. It's fun and cheerful. What color/brand is on the door in this photo? I'm going to use it on my front door!

Hunter Douglas said...

All the best guys, you have way to go! Great performance so far…

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