Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Master Bedroom Re-Do

My husband is color blind, I think. It works in my favor. Not so much when he dresses himself, but helps a great deal when I decide to change things up. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. I’m either having a mid-life crisis or there is so much inspiration EVERYWHERE, that I just can help but bring it on home.

Once I updated my dining room, the master bedroom just down the hall was looking a little  tired and was feeling left out (I’m sure). 
Wanting all of my rooms to feel a part of my little love fest, I decided to paint - it's most inexpensive change you can make, I tell my clients -- really. My bedroom was Alexandria Beige (Ben Moore) when we moved in and I just haven't had the energy to touch it and it was pretty. But, I can't sit still...

You know the drill, Read leaves and I call Fernando. It is NOT what it sounds like. Fernando is a fabulous painter who thinks nothing of my request: Just sneak in while Read's at work, paint as fast as you can, then sneak out the back. 

I loved the color of my dining room ceiling so much, I just had to spread it around (Ben Moore Soft Shell). 

It's peach or coral (or a slight pink), if you will. Semantics, really. “Peach” for anyone who is asking and male (with a hint of pink). Plus, pink is Pantone’s color of the year, so... 

Color blind (ish) husband -- may not even notice (minus the smell of new paint that seemed to stick around for DAYS)...
I have had my bedding for almost 6 years. I love it. I never get tired of it because I adore green. It is Yves Delorme, “Canne”. It is oh so comfy and bleachable which is my criteria for everything.
The walls were beautiful when finished, but the “peach” didn’t really make sense without some fabrics to tie in my green bedding. Hmmm. No budget and husband home from trip any minute. It was clearly, a design emergency. I did what anyone would do. I raided my design closet. I have a gazillion fabulous memo samples that I am sure I was supposed to return at some point. Lucky me, the Osborne and Little/Designer’s Guild memos are huge...
By huge, I mean, Euro sham size, HELLO!!! Need more color -- found coral/orange and hot pink fabrics, green and linen damasks and my signature zebra (shock). Repurposed pillows! I mean, I’m practically “green”. Ran right over to the $7 fabric store and bought a couple yards of linen in natural and white, called emergency seamstress and said: “How much do you love me?”. Evidently,  she is either not all that busy (probably) or loves me a ton (doubt it) because she got right on it and made amazing (practically free) pillows in minutes (ok, a few days), but still. 
What do you think?
I moved some art from other places in my home and filled in with photos and fresh flowers. It is fresh and it feels much larger and more like a retreat than a cave. 

Pink is the new brown anyway...
Sweet Dreams!


My Interior Life said...

Love it! It's so fresh and lovely! Great job! And I had to giggle about your painter. Mine's name is Armando (instead of Fernando), and my goofy husband made up a song about him to the tune of Alejandro (by Lady Gaga). What? Doesn't everyone make up songs about their painters?

. said...

Love that fixture! All of it really, so beautiful!

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