Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Before and After Bedroom

Today (after much chaos with Irene), was my babies' first day of school. I just knew I would be ready. I mean, after all, I got an extra day from the hurricane and was cooped up all weekend with the kids so...

Here's how it went down. 

Made homemade pancakes (rare)
Took twins to first day of Kindergarten.
Took tons of photos/video
Got in car to drive home, lost it. 
Really lost it, hyperventilated and let husband drive
Had to take Xanax. 
Husband thinks I need to go to the looney bin and to make me feel better says brilliant things like:
"Well, they are all grown up!" "Weren't they just so cute, I can remember when they were tiny newborn babies" and the kicker:
"You know, they will be in college before you know it."
Decide to hate husband.
Need another Xanax.
Identity Crisis.
Pull Self Together
Design Appointment.

Ok, so I'll take it from here. I have another room to work on with a beloved client (playroom) and snap some shots of a bedroom I just finished. 

You may remember their living room.... and can see the transformation here.
After we finished this room, we moved onto their bedroom. Check out the BEFORE...
They wanted a more updated look that flowed with the rest of their coastal/organic look. Here's what we came up with.
 We used the West Elm "Overlapping Squares" headboard
 And a burlap/nailhead storage bench at the foot
The West Elm Ogee drapes (via catalog) because my IPhone didn't do them justice

The mirrored dresser from Pier One (what a steal).
Damn IPhone (via PierOne.com).

And some amazing side tables in reclaimed wood from Overstock.com. We weren't crazy about the knobs they came with, so we replaced them with some Mercury Glass from Anthropologie. 

Not bad for the first day back at school. Hope you survived the hurricane and had a good day back too!
Bye bye birdie...

credit to: Pier One, West Elm, Pfizer

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Storm Tracker...

6:30 a.m.
Ann's House: 1st child wakes up. Is bribed with coffee to stay quiet and not wake others. 30 minutes later they are all up (and drinking coffee) They are delighted school is cancelled ...me? hmmm...

Hooper's House: All kids up and ready for school. School cancelled, Hooper climbs back in bed and hides. They find her.

11:00 a.m
Ann's house: Serving lunch. Maybe they will get confused and since the sky is dark we can eat dinner at 4 and ALL go to bed at 5.

Hooper's House: Grocery store with all kids in rain. Water, spam (just kidding), junk food, junk food and more junk food. (and gallons of wine).

12:00 p.m.
Ann's House: Jeff comes home from "work". Wants to know why Jackson is skateboarding through the house and Addie is on her big wheel inside. I act shocked and tell the kids to put the toys back in the garage... (didn't tell Jeff they had been riding for an hour...)

Hooper's House: Read can't come home from "work" because he's "working" in his office and cannot, under any circumstances or natural disaster, be disturbed. That's code for: kids are climbing walls, and I'm not dealing.

2:00 p.m.
Ann's House: The whole fam damily went to the beach to see waves. Crying...sideways rain... forced photo shoot... more crying... went home...

Hooper's House: I am good mom and take everyone to see Spy Kids (PG movie, which seems practically R). Character gives birth to a baby. Great, a whole new can of worms. I avoided questions with: Who wants candy? Spent $27.50 on $3 worth of candy.

4:00 p.m.
Ann's House: Jeff does P90X in the living room... annoying... I eat a cookie

Hooper's House: I take kids to beach to see waves. Hutson blows away.

6:00 p.m.
Ann's House: I feed the family. All blankets and pillows find their way into the living room. We cozy up for a family movie night: Soul Surfer. The first  peaceful moment of the day takes place. Eye of the storm?

Hooper's House: Surely, we can put them to bed. This has been the longest day in history and the hurricane hasn't even officially started. Heat up a pizza, send twin to room for time-out (forget why). He slams door and a large picture falls off of wall in stairwell and propels 7,437,801 pieces of glass all the way down the stairs and throughout living room. Decide I should just make kids stay upstairs so not to step on glass and leave glass for much longer than I should. Looks like hurricane hit the inside of our house.

Looks like we braved the storm  in Wilmington. We are hoping and praying the rest of the East coast fairs as well. Be safe.

Bye, bye Birdie,

Friday, August 26, 2011

At First I was Afraid, I was Petrified...

"Oh now go, walk out the door... just turn around now, you're not welcome anymore..."

Yea, we're talking to you Irene, Please don't come here (or anywhere else for that matter). We aren't prepared for another hurricane and don't wish it upon anyone. Not to mention school was (dramatic pause) CANCELLED! That's right, one day in and now they are all home. Don't you think that's enough natural disaster for everyone? The twins are nick named "Thunder and Lighting" and we've had just about enough of that. 

Perhaps you'd leave us alone if we offered up a sacrifice.

(Ann's car) If you MUST cause destruction, take this. She's a 1999 suburban and  purrs like a kitten. You can have her. Toss her, drop a pine tree on her, carry her out to sea. We do not care. But please do not cause harm to us, the rest of the east coast, gulf coast, bahamas or anywhere else where there is land or humans.

We know your potential, our parents still talk about Hazel.(the worst Hurricane in North Carolina history) But check the cover of this book...Don't ya love it? She is so stylish in the middle of a natural disaster. She's in her bathing suit and trench with 
makeup on. Take that Irene.

We will survive...
Bye,bye birdie,

credit to: Jay Barnes, Aretha Franklin...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


On the first day of school, I have big plans. I am not going to cry because the twins are going to Kindergarten and Graham is embarking on a new adventure at a new school. Nope, not a tear. You just have to be ready for the onslaught of emotions and rise above it so... I'm ready. I have been invited to "Muffins and Mimosa's for Mom's" right after drop off -- that's a smart mom. I can drown my sorrows in muffins and pray I don't need a mimosa. After that I'll do what all moms do after their very last child goes to school (sniff)... RETAIL THERAPY. I'm on a tight budget, so Homegoods it is. I'll peruse the aisles with my mimosa coffee and relish in all of the good deals this week. Here are just a few...

 Wouldn't this pillow look great in this room... 
This green vase is bright and organic and $12.99. I could fill it with fresh flowers right after I stroll through the farmer's market and pick some up.
 It would look great in here...
I'm loving these CLEARANCE side tables. They are actually much bigger than they look and are under $50 because they are missing tops. You add a mirrored top or upholstered tops in a fun fabric and...
they could replace these gazillion $$ coffee tables for about $100.
 Love the elephants in the back of the photo and the lilac globe would be perfect on my child's desk or...
 As an unexpected pop on the pretty white etagere...
 I almost snatched him up for $34.99 for the mountain project (or for my mantle), what? We have deer too. Ok, the designer term is "stag"...
 Just put him on the coffee table in this elegant mountain retreat and call it a day. 
And this guy for $99.99.
Coffee table here?
Ok, let's face it. None of these rooms need much help and most of us don't have rooms that look like this (I wish), but mix in some killer Homegoods finds and they fit right in. I feel better already! Just so I'm prepared...

Schedule for first day of school:
Mimosas Muffins for moms 
Homegoods for Retail Therapy
Gym (to work off muffins)  
Farmer's Market for fresh flowers and organic food for gourmet meal I'm going to prepare with all my free time.
Shower (for real) with make up and blow dried hair
Lunch with fellow moms whose kids have abandoned them
Pick up from school
Can't wait for the next day....

Bye bye birdie,

credit to: Decorpad, Apartment Therapy, Homegoods

Monday, August 22, 2011

Back from Cashiers

We had a very productive trip and tons of forced family fun. The morning we left, I literally bribed (um, gave my kids an incentive), threatened, and basically forced my family to go for an early am photo shoot. I had been eyeing a nearby covered bridge all week for this special moment. And I mean special. Boy were they excited - you can just see it in their little faces. 

So this looks a little dangerous, now that I'm looking at it, but objects on ground are closer than they appear. 

I just had to share some of the photos. We have a lot of family photos from the week, but some of them involve me being rescued in a canoe so....
Here are some of my other favorite images from the trip.
               The Episcopal Church in the Highlands

From a little jaunt to the antique shops... 
 One of my favorites... "Nest" is jammed packed with great finds that are well priced (for Highlands).
Acorn at Old Edwards Inn (Highlands). I love the sconces above the bookcase. Don't you?

Happy Monday, re-entry is tough!
Bye bye birdie...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I heart barn wood....

 Sooo, I made it off the mountain (PTL for sea bands) I was seriously trying to talk Jeff into renting a helicopter to get me down. Lets just say the ride up confirmed that I am a beach girl... Don't get me wrong, I had a blast once I got there but the winding up the mountain part had me a little green! But I made it back just in time to see the table my bro's were finishing up for Michelle, an Etsy client. (see shop here) And it's GORGEOUS!

Above is the table shown on Etsy that Michelle saw. Below are the finishes she chose for her table. A gray stained top paired with a dove white base... pretty...simple. You might remember this combination in Hooper's bathroom here.

 My brother's own Sound Side Carpentry here in Wilmington. Although they do lots of different custom jobs  they love when they get the opportunity to build furniture using traditional methods. They were also 'green' before it was cool. They have always been strong believers in reusing and re purposing material. Driving to the beach one day, my son (then 4, now 11) shouted "Look it's Uncle John!"  "Where? " I asked. He answered  "Climbing out of that dumpster!" (I did get an antique 5 panel door with crystal knobs that day!)

When they start a piece of furniture, the wood looks like this

lots of choices... (notice the Guilford Co. cow skull...yikes!)
 The selected pieces for this table did not come out of a dumpster but from an old tobacco barn in a neighboring county.

 here is the geeky side of me that finds the pegged mortise and tenon brilliant and beautiful (they just don't make things like they used to)
a little sweep to the apron... look how the wood cleans up and reveals the original saw mill marks...
my heart skips a beat (I know... total geek) but  is this joinery or an art piece? Looks like some worms have been chompin' through the years...
A matching bench will get the same white finish and seat 3 at the clients next gathering!

I just had to show my cute bro's hard at work!

Here is the almost finished table... all that's left is waxing and sealing. This process will pop the grain on the table top and protect the wood for another 100 years.

and the dog ...does it bother anyone else that the shop mascot is a purse dog named Belle?

Of course I'm not biased, but my brother's are incredible craftsman and I am blessed to be surrounded by such talent and constantly inspired by their work.

Check them out on Etsy and keep them in mind for your next project...

Bye, bye Birdie,

Sound Side Carpentry
John White
Lindley White
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