Monday, August 22, 2011

Back from Cashiers

We had a very productive trip and tons of forced family fun. The morning we left, I literally bribed (um, gave my kids an incentive), threatened, and basically forced my family to go for an early am photo shoot. I had been eyeing a nearby covered bridge all week for this special moment. And I mean special. Boy were they excited - you can just see it in their little faces. 

So this looks a little dangerous, now that I'm looking at it, but objects on ground are closer than they appear. 

I just had to share some of the photos. We have a lot of family photos from the week, but some of them involve me being rescued in a canoe so....
Here are some of my other favorite images from the trip.
               The Episcopal Church in the Highlands

From a little jaunt to the antique shops... 
 One of my favorites... "Nest" is jammed packed with great finds that are well priced (for Highlands).
Acorn at Old Edwards Inn (Highlands). I love the sconces above the bookcase. Don't you?

Happy Monday, re-entry is tough!
Bye bye birdie...

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