Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Before and After Bedroom

Today (after much chaos with Irene), was my babies' first day of school. I just knew I would be ready. I mean, after all, I got an extra day from the hurricane and was cooped up all weekend with the kids so...

Here's how it went down. 

Made homemade pancakes (rare)
Took twins to first day of Kindergarten.
Took tons of photos/video
Got in car to drive home, lost it. 
Really lost it, hyperventilated and let husband drive
Had to take Xanax. 
Husband thinks I need to go to the looney bin and to make me feel better says brilliant things like:
"Well, they are all grown up!" "Weren't they just so cute, I can remember when they were tiny newborn babies" and the kicker:
"You know, they will be in college before you know it."
Decide to hate husband.
Need another Xanax.
Identity Crisis.
Pull Self Together
Design Appointment.

Ok, so I'll take it from here. I have another room to work on with a beloved client (playroom) and snap some shots of a bedroom I just finished. 

You may remember their living room.... and can see the transformation here.
After we finished this room, we moved onto their bedroom. Check out the BEFORE...
They wanted a more updated look that flowed with the rest of their coastal/organic look. Here's what we came up with.
 We used the West Elm "Overlapping Squares" headboard
 And a burlap/nailhead storage bench at the foot
The West Elm Ogee drapes (via catalog) because my IPhone didn't do them justice

The mirrored dresser from Pier One (what a steal).
Damn IPhone (via PierOne.com).

And some amazing side tables in reclaimed wood from Overstock.com. We weren't crazy about the knobs they came with, so we replaced them with some Mercury Glass from Anthropologie. 

Not bad for the first day back at school. Hope you survived the hurricane and had a good day back too!
Bye bye birdie...

credit to: Pier One, West Elm, Pfizer


Anne McAllister said...

I like the bedroom....what color is the paint? I am in search of the perfect "mature" aqua for our master bedroom that doesn't turn into baby's nursery or pool liner.

business card magnets said...

I just like that softness of the bedroom walls. Very nice job decorating and excellent way to liven up a room. If these were my rooms I would never leave, I'll just stay there for the whole day, this is just enchanting.

Kim S said...

I love your Blog, thank you for the inspiration & laughs( although my husband may not agree because I tend to go off to Homegoods to try to spruce something up after each post!) I actually live down the street from this bedroom and its fabulous owners- love it! May have to go get a new comforter today...

tarheel said...

You made me laugh out loud. And I love looking at your work.

perth home renovations said...

I like your design here. It is simple yet beautiful. Well done.

furniture stores in los angeles said...

You took the dull and usual and turned it into elegant yet simple. Green-colored walls isn't my first choice in rooms, but it definitely worked for you.

Robert said...

I love the improvements that you made on your bedroom. This is definitely a great work on your part. bedroom furniture

Blinds said...

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Pillow said...

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