Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dwell and Global Views Sittin' in a Tree

First comes LOVE, then comes marriage, then comes ALL this in my shopping carriage!
My Global Views catalog just arrived and Dwell Studio has put out some amazing accessories for Global Views. I can't wait to see them at market in the Fall. 
I love how everything you see is a smart interpretation of their fabrics. Notice the peacocks! 
It was their peacock fabric that inspired the hand-painted wall in a recent client's home. See more here.
I would love a slew of these for the open shelving in my kitchen. A modern twist on hobnail vases. So yummy.
I love their Gate fabric in this tray. What a bright spot on a table or ottoman. 
 Everything looks so collected, yet current. 
It's Mad Men meets Hollywood Regency and I want it all. Have you seen it in person! Do tell...
Bye bye birdie...

Credit to: Dwell Studio and Global Views

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Pear Tree Greetings said...

I love these colors together, the turquoise, brown and gold... very retro in a fresh, modern way! -Steph

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