Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I heart barn wood....

 Sooo, I made it off the mountain (PTL for sea bands) I was seriously trying to talk Jeff into renting a helicopter to get me down. Lets just say the ride up confirmed that I am a beach girl... Don't get me wrong, I had a blast once I got there but the winding up the mountain part had me a little green! But I made it back just in time to see the table my bro's were finishing up for Michelle, an Etsy client. (see shop here) And it's GORGEOUS!

Above is the table shown on Etsy that Michelle saw. Below are the finishes she chose for her table. A gray stained top paired with a dove white base... pretty...simple. You might remember this combination in Hooper's bathroom here.

 My brother's own Sound Side Carpentry here in Wilmington. Although they do lots of different custom jobs  they love when they get the opportunity to build furniture using traditional methods. They were also 'green' before it was cool. They have always been strong believers in reusing and re purposing material. Driving to the beach one day, my son (then 4, now 11) shouted "Look it's Uncle John!"  "Where? " I asked. He answered  "Climbing out of that dumpster!" (I did get an antique 5 panel door with crystal knobs that day!)

When they start a piece of furniture, the wood looks like this

lots of choices... (notice the Guilford Co. cow skull...yikes!)
 The selected pieces for this table did not come out of a dumpster but from an old tobacco barn in a neighboring county.

 here is the geeky side of me that finds the pegged mortise and tenon brilliant and beautiful (they just don't make things like they used to)
a little sweep to the apron... look how the wood cleans up and reveals the original saw mill marks...
my heart skips a beat (I know... total geek) but  is this joinery or an art piece? Looks like some worms have been chompin' through the years...
A matching bench will get the same white finish and seat 3 at the clients next gathering!

I just had to show my cute bro's hard at work!

Here is the almost finished table... all that's left is waxing and sealing. This process will pop the grain on the table top and protect the wood for another 100 years.

and the dog ...does it bother anyone else that the shop mascot is a purse dog named Belle?

Of course I'm not biased, but my brother's are incredible craftsman and I am blessed to be surrounded by such talent and constantly inspired by their work.

Check them out on Etsy and keep them in mind for your next project...

Bye, bye Birdie,

Sound Side Carpentry
John White
Lindley White


My Interior Life said...

Love the tables and thanks for sharing your brothers' work. Stunning. You are one creative and talented family! By the way, I also get incredibly car sick on curvy roads so I feel your pain. And that dumpster story is priceless!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Yep, those are gorgeous pieces. And what a coincidence that the sweetest little dog named Belle came by the shop yesterday. I wanted to sneak her into my purse but she was totally loyal to her elderly owner, who doted on her. So sweet!

Anonymous said...

Such a gorgeous piece. It's so great to see it built from start to finish. Love their work on Etsy too.
xo E + J

Anonymous said...

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Michelle said...

I am so excited because that is going to be MY BEAUTIFUL! I have literally waited years to find the perfect farm table and thankfully found John on Etsy to build it for me. He has been such a pleasure to work with...getting prompt responses through etsy and accommodating all of my requests for the table. I love that I will have an awesome piece of furniture, here in Connecticut, made from old barn wood from North Carolina.

Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Ann- Such talent, such wood! Do they give you holiday presents? Big ones?


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