Monday, August 1, 2011

Never Underestimate What you have

I had a client call me to come over, use what she has and make her living room and dining room look fab for a party. I thought I knew everything she had because I had worked on another room and wasn't sure I could pull it off without adding new. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for using what you have, but I'm also used to walking into a room and trying to improve upon it by adding new items to the mix.
She has good pieces, collected from family and over the years adding things that she loves in simple, timeless fabrics. 

Originally, the plan was to add in a cool rug, recover some chairs and fill in with accessories. Well, the rug will have to wait, but after raiding her closets, drawers and stash of wedding gifts and silver, there is no need for anything other than a rug! 

I found a drawer full of old artwork and took a mirror out of stash that she was planning on giving away. It was too frilly, so I hammered off the frilly part and viola! I replaced a simple (non-descript) mirror above the mantle with a collection of their wedding invitation, killer antique oils and the revised mirror. It added personality and color to an otherwise bland wall. 

I cleared out her bookcases and filled them up with goodies I found in her book stash, plates that were around the house and in cupboards and hung another piece of art on the bookcase for interest.

 I filled up the built-in china cabinet in her dining room with more pretty things...
and added a collection of vases from pantry in different shapes filled with fresh flowers. 
I love this portrait of her son, I added composite pictures of her children to the dining room because they deserve a more prominent spot and filled silver bowls with key limes for color and use for the bar. 

Never underestimate using what you have! The result was classic and pretty and with fresh flowers thrown in throughout the space it looked bright and lovely. The art and accessories added layers and layers giving her updated rooms a collected look without buying a thing. 
Happy Monday!
Bye bye birdie,

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Anonymous said...

Very pretty space... I really like the pictures above the mantle. I should shop around my own house and see what I come up with! Have a great Tuesday! :) -Kate

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