Monday, August 8, 2011

Project # 374....

So, Hooper and I are very different... Remember that time I asked you to bug me to see pics of my finished kitchen, so I would finish it? Well... we did hang the new lights... everything else?... pretty much the same. So I will have to show you pics of the finished product um, er... later. Hooper would of shown you her ideas and the next day shown you the finished project. Um, I think she's done that a few times... She can't sleep until what's happening in her head is translated into the space. Me? sleeping like a baby... I could not begin to translate all that's happening in my head! Anyhoo, I did take on a new project... The kitchen can wait and the toilet in a box in my dining room? It's not so bad...

new project:
Remember this cool camp bed Sissy from blue hydrangea posted? see here. I know you all wondered, who would buy that? well,.... ME! I got it and am sooo excited! I am putting it in my sun room for my kids to sit on while reading books watching t.v. I had to get a piece of plywood cut for the base and a piece of foam cut for the mattress. Our wonderful seamstress is making me a slipcover for the mattress out of this.. (indoor/outdoor)

too predictable? Maybe, but it is an old camp bed and I want it to have that whole camp bed sleeping porch vibe...
I heart Ebay... look what they mailed me... so kind. This is going on the bed with hopefully a few more like it.
All I have to do is find a spot for this that is taking up THE WHOLE ROOM. (This is what happens when you take your husband last minute shopping Christmas Eve.)
I am liking both these lamps from Overstock (never underestimate the greatness of Overstock!)

 Throw in a few outdoor rugs that you can hose down when the kids spill!(still looking for a plain one, but I like this one too...) And voila... Sun room makeover!

Now, PLEASE BUG ME so I can complete a project! I will show you in a month... promise! What do you think? Like the vision? Which lamp? Any luck with outdoor rugs inside?

May all your projects be completed in less then a year...
Happy Monday!
Bye,bye Birdie,

credit to: Overstocks, Ebay,, Sissy


bluehydrangea said...

Would this be a bad time to ask for my daybed back?? You make it sound really good!! Can't wait to see the sun room completed!! Love, love, love what you are doing!!

Anonymous said...

Love that rug! Can't wait to see the finished room!!
xo E + J

My Interior Life said...

I'm leaning toward the second lamp - it's more unexpected to me. And I love the ticking stripe and pillow combo - so perfect - I'm so jealous! Re: outdoor rugs indoors, for a long time I had the Dash & Albert diamond rug in my entryway and it worked like a charm. You can totally take it outside and hose it off. Hell, you can even bleach it. Seriously. Can't wait to see the finished project. I promise I'll bug you about it!

A Perfect Gray said...

oh, you got that daybed! I absolutely loved that thing. Can't wait for the "afters"! donna

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