Monday, September 19, 2011

Babies to Big Boys!

The twins just started Kindergarten. You may recall my tiny nervous breakdown. What's a mom to do when her last babies leave the nest?

A complete overhaul on their room, of course! It's like retail therapy but taken up a notch. Suddenly they were coming home saying things like: Dude and Duh.
Letter People and stuffed animals seemed a little too "babyish" for my too cool for school boys. I decided work around my leopard rug because I love it (and it hides all stains) and start over with big boys in mind.
Tight budget means no $ for headboards, but Ann's vision of pallet headboards were not only free (thanks Jane), but perfect for their new look. 
Wouldn't it be fun to add some of these to each headboard? 
(via Rockett St. George)
 Because Ann was so creative with the headboards, I just couldn't bother her with the wall, so I decided to tackle it on my own. Let's suffice it to say that it involved math -- not my strongest subject... and patience (another characteristic I'm strongly lacking).  
 I bought some ready-made panels and hung them with $4 worth of rope from Lowes. 
 Found some canvases covered in stitched hide and hung them with a shelf made of brackets and reclaimed wood. Just had to throw in my favorite "see no evil, hear no evil" owls. (Yes boys, I can see all evil).
 Tired of my cheesy ceiling fan with ugly frosted globe, I simply removed the globe and added a cool orange burlap shade. The boys love their fan, so replacing it with a light fixture simply would not do. 
I added my old farm table as a desk so they can do their "homework" (ahem, coloring within the lines and tracing letters).

 I filled flannel boxes with "homework" supplies (crayons).
 Bought a beautiful mid-century dresser on Craig's List and had it painted in high gloss "chelsea gray" (Ben Moore). I love the lines (and color) because it can grow up with them. 
 I stole this painting (from my parent's who don't know what a blog is, so I'm safe). It was in their garage with a stash of my super-talented brother's work. He's a budding architect and amazing artist. 
 Couldn't pass up this Missoni frame from Target. 
 And loved the wire hanging baskets I found at Homegoods for books. The tee-pee in the corner is for campouts and was decorated by your's truly and my artists in residence. 
A little reading nook (even though they can't read), we're hopeful. The room wouldn't be complete without blankie who even got a special washing for the room re-do. 
Overall, I think it turned out great. Not to mention, tonight, the twins are sleeping in their new room. Big step because for some strange reason, my "big boys" have been finding their way into my bed every night. 

Bye bye birdie...

P.S. If you are interested in the bamboo headboards, drapes or some of the art/accessories in the "baby boys'" room, you're in luck. They're for sale!  
Just shoot me an email: and I'll send you some photos and details. 


bluehydrangea said...

It is fabulous!! Love the headboards and the chevron are becoming quite the painter.

New York Muhtari said...

I love the transformation.. Can you share the source for bedding? They are georgous..

Kim S said...

So great! This may be a dumb question, but I would LOVE to replace the frost globe on a fan- how do you do that? I did try!

Unknown said...

Answers to questions: First, yes I can share the bedding. It's.... drumroll... Homegoods. I used their old navy bedskirt but it came with embroidered pillows, the linen bedspread and Euros!
2nd: I took off the globe from the chandelier and the drum shade I had was the type that fits over the place where a bulb screws in (not the type with the harp). I unscrewed the bulb, put the shade on and screwed the bulb back in. Make sense?

Melissa said...

Love! Puts to shame my son's half-finished room (that I painted 'round this time last year and stalled out on...)

Anonymous said...

Such a cute room redo! That dresser was such a great find on Craigslist. Love the high gloss gray. Hope they're enjoying their time in kindergarten.
xo E + J

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