Monday, September 26, 2011

Big Bang for the Buck

Once in awhile, every detail falls into place and the perfect finds fall right into your lap. Rarely does that happen under budget, but this particular week, the design gods were smiling on me. 
SIDE NOTE: We've learned that if we show the "before" shot first, readers think its the after and don't scroll down. So I'm showing you the 
"after" first.
Here's how it all went down. I got a request to meet with a couple and "update" their living room. They gave me $1500 to work with. Great budget for what they wanted done. They wanted new paint, accessories, maybe some pillows and a mini-facelift on their living space. No problem. Except that I love a challenge and just had to throw a giant wrench in the plan.  
Here is their "before" living room. Sure, a little paint and some fresh pillows would help, but the lines of the furniture seemed dated to me and so, you know me, I wanted to get some new furniture.... like ALL new furniture (but keep their leather chair). 
Here's the catch. Remember the $1500 I had to work with to update their look? Well, I still had $1500 to work with to re-do the entire living room. They wanted a face-lift. I wanted an overhaul. Disclaimer: $1500 is not normally enough to re-do an entire room, but once in awhile, you get REALLY lucky and that's just what happened. I started with these killer pillows as a jumping off point for the room... They were a little pricey at $24.99 each, but worth every cent. 
These pillows couldn't possibly go on sad olive sofa, so needed a new sofa. Budget for sofa: $0. 
I found this sofa on Craigslist for $350.
 It is in great shape, has amazing lines and good texture. 
     Added a $199 rug from Homegoods...
And a $5 Craigslist coffee table.
           One tiny problem. Client wanted an ottoman. 
Spray painted coffee table and sent to upholsterer so she could turn it into one!
Fresh coat of paint on the accent wall, a soft gray on the rest of the walls, accessorized the fireplace and what a difference it made!
Big improvement?
The butterfly chair on the left looked more like it belonged in a bedroom and the neutral color wasn't doing much for the space.
Uh oh, need a new chair? new chair = money...
I mentioned my budget and chair dilemma to Ann who happened to have a $5 chair in her car. No joke. She bought it for $5 at the monthly UNCW furniture sale and was willing to donate it to the cause.(I'm stubborn and simply refused to go over budget, plus I told them I could do it -- uh... no problem). 
I had the chair recovered in a solid teal fabric and it looks amazing! I added a $199 console from TJ Maxx to the back of the sofa...
It gave us the perfect surface
For lighting and some fun accessories.
I brightened up the built-ins with some family photos and pieces that they had in storage. 
Changing the paint was an expensive way to brighten the space and my fabulous clients painted it all themselves to save money. They did an incredible job. 
They love the way it turned out. It's fresh and updated and feels like home to this sweet family of 3. We can thank Chris Davis for his beautiful photos of the space. Check out his site here for more of his incredible work. 

I love a before and after... don't you?
Bye bye birdie...

credit to Chris Davis Photography


Anonymous said...

love it!!! can you share the paint colors?

bluehydrangea said...

Is this the room you just started working on two weeks ago??!! It looks amazing!! Loving that chair!! Do you sleep? I don't know what you are on but I want some!!

Melissa said...

Daggum, girl. That is impressive. I wonder what you could do if I gave you $1500-- I already like most of my furniture:-)

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Anonymous said...

Amazing stuff ladies! I enjoy reading your posts every week! The fresh updates to tired looking rooms are so inspiring! thank you for sharing your talents and sense of humor.. :)
Im also paint-color obsessed, so love to hear what colors were used.

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