Friday, September 16, 2011

Door Diary

It's finished! Thank you to all of the curious readers who were dying to know what I did to my door. Lucky for you, I won't give a play by play, because it was pretty traumatic. Needless to say, the doors are redone, hung (actually close) and lock (just in case you are planning to rob me). Remember the dilemma of the front door -- what to do? Paint, take it down to it's natural wood? Here it is before...
And here (after much stripping)...
I got all kinds of advice: Leave it, paint it, take it down to it's natural wood. My husband's suggestion was to perhaps check myself into a program. Ann thought this was a little too rustic. Coming from someone who loves everything rustic, I had to keep going and I'm happy I did. What do you think?
And yes, my windows are always that clean.

I glazed it with a white wash stain so it wouldn't look too orange.
 I think it works with the rest of the house except that it made my other door look very sad and decrepit. It's metal with dents (character) and it has a doggie door. Here's the thing. We don't have a dog. 
I set out to redo this door. Why? You ask. It looks like it belongs on a brownstone on Sesame Street. Behold, I have a vision. 
Which is totally shot down when this happens. See here. So after ALL of that...
I ended up with this. Design is a process, right? Since I couldn't decide whether or not to paint, I did one of each. This makes my laundry room that much more fun. See what it opens into here. Was it worth it you ask? No. Not at all. Waaaayyyy too much work for a girl who hates to paint, strip. etc. 

Bye bye birdie,


Tammy@InStitches said...

Love the way they turned out ! I've always wanted a natural door, maybe next house.....

Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Hooper- I love both doors! Especially the rustic wood! I have a horrible charmless front door and should do something with it.


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