Monday, September 5, 2011

Minnie, Claude and a GIVEAWAY!!!

If I was a thousandaire instead of a hundredaire where would I be today? At BIG SOUTH AUCTION scooping up a few Minnie Evans and Claude Howells that are up today! I love Howells work and would be over the moon if I owned the  pieces that are available  but it is the 3 Minnie Evans that have kept me plotting all week. Jeff is out of town and I seriously considered selling all of our belongings in order to own one. I immediately called him when I found out they were up for auction....

me- Hey honey, what would you think about owning an original of one of my favorite artist?
him- how much?
me-not sure, they are up for auction and I am researching now what I think they will go for.
him-they? how much?
me- yeah well there are 3 Minnie Evans that I like and 2 of the Claude Howells that I would want. But I know that's too much. I really want a Minnie Evans.
him- how much?
me- I was thinking we could consider it an investment, like buy them and sell them when the kids go to college.
him- (laughing) you mean you'd sell them? How much?
me- yea, um.. yea, well I don't know, we could just cross that bridge when we get to it
him- (still laughing)... how much?
me- um, like in the thousands, a couple for one.
him- Are you happy in your delusional world?
me- I am... just thought I'd ask...

So guess who is not buying a Minnie Evans today? But that means you can! If you have ever been interested in collecting art, these 2 artist are a great place to start.

Minnie Evans was a gate keeper at Airlie Gardens here in Wilmington. She was told by God to start painting so she did. She painted what she saw in her dreams and is considered one of the greatest visionary artist of the 20th century. Her art hangs in galleries through out the world and her work is highly sought after for private collectors. (unfortunately, I will not be one of them...) Read more about her here.

These are the 3 pieces that I will not be bringing home... (sob...)

If you are ever in Wilmington you must go to Airlie and see the bottle house that was made in her cool!

These are the Claude Howell's that I'd love to own... amazing. If you are a collector, what a big day for you! I wish you all the best- I can not wait to hear what these go for! To see everything available at auction go here.

Also...Don't forget to enter our giveaway for this dress from Shabby Apple.

To enter: For one chance, become a Follower (if you aren't already), leave a comment or both for two chances. For a third chance, "like" Shabby Apple on their Facebook page, email us and tell us you did.

We will announce the lucky winner next Friday, September 9th. Good Luck!

Bye bye birdie,


Anonymous said...

I would love to win a dress from shabby apple! Their style is amazing! -Teri W

H.G. The Countess said...

Ohhhhh I love a giveaway :)

bluehydrangea said...

Reality stinks!! I think it would be a great investment and paying for groceries is over rated anyway..right?

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