Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni Mahem

7:25 pick up carpool by accident. Not my day to drive
7:40 Must be sign from God 
7:55 Pull in Target parking lot with more luxury SUV's than private carpool line.
7:58 Feeling out of place in pajamas and VW mini-van with gum stuck to side.
7:59 Casually elbow girl with blown-out hair getting out of black Escalade to get in front of door
8:00 Bee line for Missoni racks. 
Can't run because wearing these. 
 Mean girl puts all of the luggage in her cart because she has  been up since midnight crashing Target site (must get life) and is filling up her cart to decide later what she is keeping. Evidently she is traveling around the world. 

I snag one of the bags on left for my "must have, can't live without work tote". Laptop, paint deck, measuring tape. I mean, how professional am I? 
Mean girl thought she needed this dress too (in every size, just in case she becomes pregnant or bulimic) so I only got the sweater. Still, it was a score. 

Really wanted every single home item they had but was starting to feel like a one trick pony who decorates only in zig zag. Almost bought these for the client that is getting this delivered to her living room tomorrow morning....
This is not Missoni. It is an antique patch-work Oriental over- dyed in Fuchsia. It's killer in person. Couldn't you just see the pillows on a Charcoal Sofa like this one from Jonathan Adler... 
They certainly would have been a nice touch with...
a tray like this on her waterfall lucite table...
Oh yeah, I would be seeing all of that in my client's living room tomorrow if mean girl hadn't taken them all. 

9:00 Done shopping. Having buyer's remorse, may have to take Missoni Must Haves back to Target in order to be able to afford groceries.

Did you "Expect More and Pay Less" (than real Missoni) today? What did you score?

Mean girl, if you are reading this: Don't wear all of the pieces at once. It looks good in the ad, but not in real life.

Bye bye birdie,

credit to: Fashionista, Target, Jonathan Adler


Melissa said...

You trip me out- my fave was today when I went in for a toilet brush (must have forgotten to set my iPhone for 12:01 like the other nutties I know, because somehow I wasn't waiting outside Target yesterday at 7:00 in full make-up.) A GSO grand-dame who must have been at least 95 and has not left 27408 since 1974 was there cruising the aisles as fast as someone with a cane can and being kind of pushy. She asked what I thought about the girls knit cap and gloves she picked out (for herself.) Then I saw her again in shoes looking at the rain boots (which I didn't get because they fit kind of like garbage bags tied to your legs.) Then again in stationary, where a woman actually got teary when I decided not to keep the sweater box with peeling edges that I had put in my cart and offered it to her, instead. It was thoroughly strange. I bought a plastic zig-zag bowl to put my keys in and called it a day.

the other Ann Schutte :) said...

Absolutely hysterical. You girls make me laugh.

Tammy@InStitches said...

I didn't go but I'm so happy that you got that bag. I think that's the best thing there. lol at the mean girl.

shellie said...

i just got back, so major leftovers BUT! i scored the last two purple chevron hand towels. and i saw the target guy coming down the aisle with one of those beautiful aqua blue chevron bath put back on the shelf. i grabbed it! was it one of your returns hooper? haha. let me know what you're returning. i may just buy it off you! so fun.

My Interior Life said...

I got a pair of ballet flats and the lurex sweater. I totally tried on that blue one but it didn't look right on me, but it was cute. Got my daughter a pair of the rain boots and a sweater mini skirt. Didn't snag any of the home goods as I didn't think they'd go in my house. Total chaos in my store. People are nuts.

Kim S said...

I was there at 8:20 AM Yesterday,thinking I was doing great being there "early" I really wanted one throw. I couldnt believe how much was gone in 20 minutes, including the throw blanket! I did get ballet flats, a sweater and very cool plates and cups, OK I got carried away in the mahem,but not a cart load full, I saw a woman pushing TWO carts.I do find myself still looking on as if the home goods will magically not read, "out of stock"!

Jessie said...

You are so hilarious! Love your story!

Heard that Target will be restocking the Missoni stuff soon, so, no worries! :)

Come by and enter my giveaway for a chance to win a $50 gift cert from My Urban Child!


tarheel said...

You are funny

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