Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! 
I'm loving this pumpkin with nail heads. My sweet client's mother made it for her and it is the perfect addition to her front stoop. 
Months ago, her bedroom looked like this.... a little scarey
Now... What a transformation! 
 The vaulted ceiling called for something dramatic, so I designed a 6' tall upholstered headboard. 
I love the fabric and the nail head detail...

 I added drapes to soften the window, changed the paint...
 And brought in beautiful Noir dressers. One for her and one for him...

 I love the finishes and the modern shapes. 
 Her grandfather made this sweet rocker, so we brought it in to mix the old with the new. 
 Another cool twist on a traditional dresser. 
 Added some accessories and family photos...
 Threw in some colored lamps from Pier One -- love the color and texture!
 Bright pillows from ZGallerie...
And re-matted a series of shell pencil sketches for the walls.
My client fell in love with this tufted chair so we turned this corner into a reading nook. 
What do you think? Quite the make over. I love a Halloween transformation! Have a wonderful, safe Halloween!
Bye bye birdie,

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dear Genevieve,

Dear Genevieve, 
Congrats on your new line for Capel Rugs! We are big fans (I'm sure you couldn't tell because we were so cool and collected).  We were so enamored with your new collection of rugs that we chose some for the mountain project. When we were milling around the Capel showroom (for hours), it was because we were looking at the rugs and were just trying to make up our minds. It had nothing to do with the fact that we just wanted our picture taken with you.

So glad you loved my Missoni (for Target) work bag. It made it so worth it (that I knocked that girl out to get it) when you complimented me and said you wished you could have gotten one. I would have given you mine (on the spot) if it wouldn't have seemed just a little weird and stalker-ish. Ann almost took her shirt off when you said you liked it and it reminded you of your fab rugs. So glad she didn't, may have been a tad inappropriate. 

You were truly lovely and so down to Earth and make me want to be a better designer (and taller and prettier). 
 Ok, back to work... the new collection is fresh and fun and a refreshing take on chevrons and ikats. We love the colors and can't wait to use them in some of our spaces. 
Thanks for your inspiration and style. We love you the new line!  

credit to: Genevieve Gorder, Capel

Monday, October 24, 2011

25... (for the 13th time)

Yes, 25 for the 13th time means 37. That's how old I have been for a day now. Feels pretty good, still not buying 30 is the new 20 though. Thank you Hoop for the birthday post and most importantly my new super cool yearbook page!!!! Framed and matted in purple...holla!!! I am still shocked you found it! (Read previous post if you are lost...)

I have to mention my birthday is a day after Addie's (my baby is now 5! sob, sob...) We both had great ones and ended the week at Lindley and Molly's school Fall Festival. Who says you can't throw down on your birthday when you are 37?
(cute little blond in front is one of Lindley's besties from practically birth!)

I had to show you the whole fam. Jeff ditched the wig, mustache and glasses pretty quickly after we realized no parents were letting their children near him. He did have quite a creepy vibe going on.

I know this is technically a design blog and you probably do not want to hear any more about birthdays so I promise we will be throwing so much design your way over the next few weeks your head will spin! We are off to market! We can't wait!!!

Have a great week and we'll be back soon!!
Bye, bye Birdie,

Friday, October 21, 2011

It's Your Birthday!

On this day (we won't say how many years ago), Ann White Schutte was born. I tried to find some historical events and truly, there aren't any except for a couple of baseball stats that make no sense to me. Ann shares her birthday with Princess Leah, Mick Jagger's daughter and Miss Teen USA. Big Whoop. 

To honor her on her birthday, I wanted to share her birthday gift with you. She has no idea she is getting this, but I guess she will find out when she reads the blog this morning. Before I the big reveal, I want to share a little background with you...

Ann and I met in 9th grade. 
We were super cute and WAYYYY cool.
Ann was a cheerleader. I was a tennis player. No need to show a picture, this post is all about ANN! 

Ann was kinda like a hippie (picture cut off jean shorts with a sunburst painted on them). I wore big collared shirts (picture flying nun). Ann worked at a bar-b-que joint, I worked at a preppy sportswear store. We were/are complete opposites and still are.
We were on the homecoming court. We both have shoulder pads. I look like I'm getting ready to play the bag pipes. Did we color coordinate on purpose? God, I hope not.
 We were also, the epitome of cheesiness. Senior year, we decided to leave a legacy of cheese and do a yearbook memoir together. We noted all of the "bad" stuff we did that made us soooo "cool".
Ann, I found the original and to celebrate your 25th birthday, I want you to have it!
I hope you have a wonderful birthday and many many more!
Bye bye birdie,

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Brand New Room!

I finally photographed my friend's new room. Before, it had a desk and the large wall unit on the back wall. When she called me, she said she wanted a room where she could hang out with friends and have a cup of coffee. "I want it to feel like Starbucks." I'm not sure that I got the "Starbucks" vibe going on, but I tried. Kinda Starbucks with a triple shot of something...
 I started with these amazing Anthropologie flocked drapes. She wanted a large table where the kids could play games/puzzles. We found this clean lined table on Overstock.
 The room took off from there. The West Elm chaise is perfect for reading or can double as a sofa. Every room needs a pouf so...

 Notice how her dog Oscar is the same color as the hide. It was not planned, but cracks me up every time.
I love the reclaimed wood table with the glossy West Elm owl lamp. 
 Here's another shot
And a close up of the pillows...

A close up of the amazing drapes. They are linen flocked with orange velvet. 

I love all of the different textures. Do you?
Bye bye birdie,

Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Before and After

My friend Emily asked me to help her update her space. At first glance, the sectional was closing off the room, so the first step was furniture placement. Relocating the sectional would open up the living space to the rest of the house.
 Also, take note of the very large 2 story wall behind the sectional, the 4 photos weren't the right size for the wall, at least all by their lonesome....
A floral rugs and dated and worn out fabrics on the sectional and pillows made for a tired room. 
They had just finished installing a new, updated fireplace surround, so we wanted something that would complement the cool coastal vibe they had going on. Also, their paint colors were perfect, so no need to change the colors. 
We slip covered the sofa in a new textured gray because the old one was looking a little faded and tired, added some amazing new pillows (mixing in some from Homegoods and some custom) and viola!
A new rug from Overstock is a much needed replacement for the floral rug. 
We added art, photos, sketches and different types of frames to the (now) proportioned photo wall and there is also room to grow. 
Fresh fabrics make a bold statement.
 We stole a console table from the entry and decked it out with a metallic green owl (everyone needs one), some family photos and an old-fashioned swing arm lamp for reading. 
You can see what a difference the new furniture placement makes! 
 Her TV is going to be relocated above the mantle, but we added additional interest with some sconces, accessories and a killer Ikat ottoman for more seating or feet.
 More lighting and texture...

Great accessories and a whole new look. What do you think?
Happy Monday!
Bye bye birdie,

Friday, October 14, 2011

I want...

A sliding barn door. I want one bad. Real bad. The problem ... I have no where to put one. Should we move? build? add on? How can I get my sliding barn door fix if I have no where to put it?...

 the walls, the floors, the hide, love love love it all!

 love the industrial vibe ...

so much I'm liking about this space...

diggin the rug too...

 what have you been diggin lately? Anything you can't imagine your life without?
And for all you Wilmington peeps- Big South is this Sunday and there are some pretty killer rugs, and this...
Now, don't go out bidding me... not sure where I'll put it... but it's mine!!!

Have a great weekend!!!
Bye, bye birdie,
 credit to: google images, Big South Auctions, Caroline DeCesare
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