Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Before and After

My friend Emily asked me to help her update her space. At first glance, the sectional was closing off the room, so the first step was furniture placement. Relocating the sectional would open up the living space to the rest of the house.
 Also, take note of the very large 2 story wall behind the sectional, the 4 photos weren't the right size for the wall, at least all by their lonesome....
A floral rugs and dated and worn out fabrics on the sectional and pillows made for a tired room. 
They had just finished installing a new, updated fireplace surround, so we wanted something that would complement the cool coastal vibe they had going on. Also, their paint colors were perfect, so no need to change the colors. 
We slip covered the sofa in a new textured gray because the old one was looking a little faded and tired, added some amazing new pillows (mixing in some from Homegoods and some custom) and viola!
A new rug from Overstock is a much needed replacement for the floral rug. 
We added art, photos, sketches and different types of frames to the (now) proportioned photo wall and there is also room to grow. 
Fresh fabrics make a bold statement.
 We stole a console table from the entry and decked it out with a metallic green owl (everyone needs one), some family photos and an old-fashioned swing arm lamp for reading. 
You can see what a difference the new furniture placement makes! 
 Her TV is going to be relocated above the mantle, but we added additional interest with some sconces, accessories and a killer Ikat ottoman for more seating or feet.
 More lighting and texture...

Great accessories and a whole new look. What do you think?
Happy Monday!
Bye bye birdie,


Amanda Blinken said...

I think this is brilliant. An expensive look with little investment. Accessories and rearrangement; who would have thought...

My Interior Life said...

Love your before and afters. This one is no exception. Great job as always!

Anonymous said...

What do I think? I think you are amazing, and wish you lived closer so I could have "before and after" pics of my place!

Miss ya!

Katie McGraw

rc truck said...

I am a new blogger and sometimes find myself caught up in the numbers, but then I remind myself that I am doing this because I really enjoy it.

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