Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Despair Over Chair

 Yes, this is the newest addition to my living room. The remote you see ejects the person sitting in it into a standing position. It practically shot Hutson across the room. 
Pro: I don't have to help Read get out of the chair 
Pro: Read is relatively comfortable.
Con: I throw up in my mouth a little, everytime I look at it.
Con: It's made of velour.
What's a girl to do?
Clearly, I am very shallow. I'm less concerned with my husband's comfort during his (very long) recovery and more concerned with how long this eye sore will be the focal point of my living room. 
Has there ever been an attractive recliner?

This one... not so much. I mean, the robot doesn't seem to mind it, but of course, robots don't get annual pap smears. There's just something about a recliner that seems to have built-in stirrups.
Now this, I could do. Imagine it in a killer print or a charcoal fabric. It's Milo Baughman and a perfect midcentury take on the recliner. The retro styles are so much better than the current ones. Why is that? 
This is the "Gala" recliner chair by Franco Albini. It really reclines... I have no idea how, but who cares? It's pretty amazing. It looks comfortable (enough). 
This isn't bad. I like the lines of it. Not sure why you need the extra arm pads.
I've decided that I'm totally a looks girl. Who cares about function. I mean, I'll wear heels all day long until my feet fall off, if they look good. What about you?
Gotta go, my husband needs the remote.
Bye bye birdie,

Credit to:, Milo Baughman, Franco Albini


Julia Ryan said...

haha! I totally just went vom as well until I read the post about your poor husband's hip replacement. Wow, so sorry about that, and the chair :)

Unknown said...

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