Monday, October 3, 2011

How to ruin your 11 year old's life....

co·til·lion also co·til·lon (k-tlyn, k-) 1. A formal ball, especially one at which young women are presented to society.

A more accurate definition would be: Somewhere you force your 5th grader to go on a quest to ruin their life. (that's almost a direct quote from Jackson)

But for all us Southerners that were also forced to go, it is a right of passage. I remember it well. I had buck teeth, and was tooth pick skinny with a Pat Benetar haircut. Thank you 80's. Not really the girl the boys were asking to dance. (Not that the 5th grade boys were really asking anyone to dance). But I made it out alive and was thrilled to sign Jackson up for the same torture experience.

Here he is all dressed up and ready to go. (he's still not quite sure where he's going)

Why is it when you ask an 11 year old boy to take his picture you either get gang signs or James Bond poses?
I did get one good pic before I took him to "The worst place he's ever been to in his whole entire life". (another direct quote) I have no pictures once we got there- he really would have died. Though I did manage to sneak into the balcony and watch the entire lesson. Poor thing he looked green. -And he gets to go back next month. (Yipee!) Though he keeps asking me if I have called that lady to get our money back because he is never going back there again. I can only imagine that the dances and manners he is learning will serve him well one day...

(Boys stop burping the alphabet eventually...right? )

Anyway, I enjoyed Cotillion way more then he did and can not wait for the next lesson. I am soooo sneaking in a video camera! I'll keep you posted!

Happy Monday!
Bye, bye Birdie,


My Interior Life said...

Oh, Ann, that's hilarious! Poor guy. It builds character, right?

Cat said...

I am ruining Trey's life later this year... he has NO idea what he'll be getting into.

nchomeseller said...


Dogs-N-Chickens said...

My sweet, sweet day he WILL thank may be when he's at the retirement home trying to court Ms. Jones in Room 316 and they're at the Bingo Championship Dance and she looks over during the Fox Trot and gives him that 'I would like to dance look'. So he WILL thank you eventually..... :)

AmyHN said...

Did it to my 12 yo last year and he didn't learn a thing, but it was worth the torture b/c I was completely entertained. The end of the season "ball" was the best- looked like something from the 50s Beaver Cleaver style.

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