Thursday, October 6, 2011

I heart....

October. It is my favorite month of the year. The weather has been gorgeous, I've worn my new fave boots twice and pumpkins are everywhere. It is also my birthday month. I will be.... older.
  I do tend to keep my eyes peeled this time of year for a few little trinkets that might make me smile should Jeff want to purchase a little something for his amazing, smokin hot, kind wifey... (moi)

Jeff would have to get me these except I already have them. Sweet Jen over at Fotojenik made them for me and gave them to me. They are my #1 accessory this fall. I wear one or the other everyday. (stay tuned...they might just be a giveaway soon...)
Jen and her hubby went on an amazing trip to NY and found these. They did not bring them home for me though. I guess they wouldn't fit on the plane. So, Jeff, head to NY and bring these back for my birthday...please.
 Kim over at Chattafabulous has these for sale. Brass stags...loving them just not enough horizontal surface in my house
Love this... 'Tiny Fawn' by Darrah Gooden. It is collage on canvas. (so sweet). Not quite sure why I am drawn to the deer. Except of course it is hunting season here and I am just waiting for that first venison cookout.. (not so sweet?)

I think this pillow is great! I would love it in my sun room on the new camp bed. Cute Shelly over at Pillow Happy on Etsy makes these.

So that's it... just a few fun fall finds that would make great birthday gifts for me  um, I mean anyone!

Sooo... if we were to do a cuff giveaway, which one should it be cowhide? or snakeskin?

Happy Thursday...
Bye, bye birdie,


shellie said...

thanks girl! for including me in today's blog! it's so funny, cuz i was reading Design Sponge today, and came across that sweet sweet fawn! don't ya just love it? i want it bad.

Jen Griffin said...

I heart YOU Ann Schutte! Thanks for the shout out. And for always making my day like you do.

My Interior Life said...

Ooh, I love both cuffs. Too hard to choose. Why not do both! Ha. Seriously, I can't make these decisions. Love all your birthday finds & happy birthday to you (whenever it may be this month)!

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