Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Going to London to See the Queen

Ok, not really, but we might as well be, we are so excited. (Husbands, not so much). 
We have been shopping, packing and planning our outfits and every move. Did you ever wonder why Mrs. Howell had 3000 outfits for a 3 hour tour? Yeah that's us. Ann has been setting her alarm for 3:30 am because she read that is how you get acclimated. For real. I am loading up my purse with Ambien. For real. We will shop 'til we drop and take tons of pictures of our overseas adventures. We are even going to a country house which I have a feeling is much different than a house in the country. Our client has lots of tres chic plans for us. Here we are at our airport send off...

Oh, and check our blog on Friday, Sissy from Blue Hydrangea will be our guest. Have a look!

credit to: British Airways and US weekly images

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