Thursday, November 17, 2011

Indiana... $1500... & a Before and After!

Sooo.... I had a busy weekend. Friday I flew to Indiana with my M.L. (mother in law) to visit my husbands cousin, Natalie. I know that sounds scary but I have a great M.L. and don't mind flying. (it was practice for London...did y'all know we were going there?) Anyway... I went to put together Natalie and Sean's house.

This is how it went down... Boy(Sean) meets Girl(Natalie). Boy and Girl fall in love and are getting married in April. Boy has house, Girl has apartment. Boy likes modern, Girl likes cottage. (lucky for them I like everything!) Boy and Girl gave me $1500 to re-do Boy's house. (remember Hooper's $1500 re-do here. Don't go thinking we can do this for everyone!)Boy and Girl get a weekend transformation!
 When I got there all that was left in the L.R. was the sofa. Everything else was history... Sean and Natalie had painted the walls Benjamin Moore beach glass.


I will walk you through the transformation and how I stretched $1500 with some D.I.Y. as well as  what I splurged on...

The chair was less the $200 and the wool rug was $150- both from Overstock. The  side table , lamp, and blinged out coral was  from Home Goods. The gray linen drapes were a major splurge at over $100 but sooo worth it! All the window hardware came from Lowe's. This is always the first place I go, they have a great affordable selection!

The console was $160 from Overstock, the mirror, lamp, tray, frame,  basket , and 3x5 rug  all came from Home Goods. (never underestimate the power of Home Goods...)

The pillows were a splurge. The big pillow came from HG and I had the zebra pillow made. But the printed pillows are silk and from West Elm. This is a good place to drop a little extra cash. The pattern is delish and really ties the room together....A place to save is the DIY art. I found frames I liked at HG, I just didn't like the art inside. So we made a quick stop at the fabric store and bought this beautiful taupe damask. We framed it and voila! 

Mercury glass honeycomb vases flank the T.V. above the mantle. I raided Sean's office for a few books to put under the shorter vase. Sean has some great books. I remember when I used to read....
I used the ottoman from a chair at Natalie's house as a coffee table. It doesn't take up to much space and didn't cost a dime! The cowhide and leather tray almost went home in my suitcase. Another fab find at HG with more great books on top from Sean's stash!

We didn't stop there... We had a dining room to do as well:



 The room had been painted, Natalie's table was in place and  the vertical blinds had been ditched. (good move) We brought a sea grass rug over from Natalie's house that fit the space perfectly. We bought $6 worth of burlap and made the runner using no sew tape. (greatest invention EVER!!!) The drapes and hurricanes both came from Target.

A new light fixture will replace the fan and transform the space!

The plate rack was in the room and not removable. So we embraced it with a DIY project. Natalie and I found .99 cent plates at Goodwill and bought $6 worth of craft paint.
After a little wine, taping, painting and touch up we got a fun collection for $12 that adds just enough whimsy to the room.

The kitchen could not be ignored... When I got there it was blue. Go Colts.

Sean had replaced the hardware with modern pulls (that I loved!) and we (really they...Sean, Nat's mom, and my Mother in law) painted the walls Ben Moore Rockport Gray.  Some no sew valances in a cool print was all the room needed and completely within budget!

Sooo.... After a long weekend, the project was complete! Boy and Girl were happy....

And Boy and Girl will live happily ever after in their 1945 bungalow...

Congrats Sean and Nat!
Bye, bye Birdie,


Tammy@InStitches said...

You did great. I know they love it !

Cat said...

I have been trying to pick a paint color for my new condo, and I am going to get the Beach Glass. I love it! Excellent transformation!

Hooper Patterson said...

I love it!!! Amazing job! You made $1500 go a VERY long way.

Natalie said...

We absolutely LOVE it!!! Thank you so much for everything- it looks amazing! :) You found the perfect balance between cottage and modern! Can't wait to do it again down the road on our next home! :)

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Another successful makeover! Love your O and HG finds, they are the answer to so many prayers. And thanks for the Lowe's hardware tip - never even looked over there! Fantastic job!


AWESOME...Boy you rocked it for 1500.00!!!!

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